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If there isn’t a link in a column, that individual did not complete that item.
If a name is missing completely, that individual, sadly, did not complete any of these items.

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NameSquadron & RoleOur BiosOur VideosOur Stories
Acquaviva, James Frederick18th SOS, PilotAcquaviva, James
Adams, Troy G14th SOW, MaintenanceAdams, Troy
Alau, Henry “Hank” D Kailianu17th SOS, NavigatorAlau, Henry “Hank”Alau, H (26:51)Shadow (We Own the Night)
Alderson, Larry Dean18th SOS, GunnerAlderson, Larry
Alfaro, Mario71st & 17th SOS, MaintenanceAlfaro, MarioAlfaro, M GP1 (21:54)
Allen, Robert J71st & 17th SOS, PilotAllen, Robert
Alloway, Clyde “Al” D18th SOS, IOAlloway, Clyde “Al”Interview with Warren Kwiecinski, Alloway’s pilot (47:08)

Interview with Lynn Pappas, Alloway’s daughter (39:36)

Interview with David and Bobbie Hiltz, Alloway’s friends (58:33)
The Night I Lost Clyde Alloway
Alvarez, Joe18th SOS, GunnerBad Night on the Trail
Alves, Moses “Mo”17th SOS, NavigatorAlves, Moses “Mo”
Alvis, James71st & 17th SOS, Crew ChiefAlvis, JamesAlvis, J GP2-Mechanics (16:17)
Anderson, Meredith G17th SOS, NavigatorAnderson, MeredithLee Anderson Jordan, Anderson’s daughter (24:30)The Last Flight of Shadow 78
Andrews, Robert “Andy”18th SOS, GunnerAndrews, Robert “Andy”Andrews, R (15:00)
Ashley, Don L18th SOS, Crew ChiefAshley, Don
Aspinwall, Robert Lynn18th SOS, NavigatorAspinwall, Robert
Bach, Harold Hoa17th & 18th SOS, NavigatorBach, Harold
Baehre, Frank G18th SOS, PilotBaehre, FrankStinger Nighthawk Mission
Baker, Jeff18th SOS, PilotBaker, JeffBaker, J GP5 (9:23)
Baldwin, Richard18th SOS, PilotBaldwin, RichardBaldwin, R (26:13)
Barbee, Larry18th SOS, NavigatorBarbee, LarryBarbee, L GP3-Stinger 41 (28:36)

Barbee, L GP4-WP (1:01:22)
Lt Gen Tom Waskow, FAC (29:32)

Jennifer Barkalow and George Bare (8:14)
The Shootdown of Stinger 41
Bare, Allen “Yogi”18th SOS, FELt Gen Tom Waskow, FAC (29:32)

Jennifer Barkalow and George Bare (8:14)
The Shootdown of Stinger 41
Barkalow, Jim18th SOS, PilotBarkalow, J (11:00)

Lt Gen Tom Waskow, FAC (29:32)

Jennifer Barkalow and George Bare (8:14)
The Shootdown of Stinger 41
Barnett, Leonard L18th SOS, GunnerBarnett, LeonardBarnett, L (22:18)
Barradale, Ray18th SOS, IOBarradale, R GP2-WP (41:56)
Bartlett, Frank18th SOS, GunnerBartlett, FrankBartlett, F GP7 (22:07)Stinger Nighthawk Mission

We Were Proud to be Scanners
Bautz, Anton “Tony” FrankBautz, Anton “Tony”
Beagley, Paul18th SOS, GunnerBeagley, P (34:27)
Benedict, Carl18th SOS, NavigatorBenedict, C GP1 (9:02)

Benedict, C GP2 (9:28)
Bennes, James “Jim” Michael18th SOS, NavigatorBennes, James “Jim”
Bennett, Arthur C17th SOS, NavigatorBennett, Arthur
Berkebile, Tad18th SOS, NavigatorBerkebile, TadBerkebile, T (12:26)
Bianco, Frank A18th SOS, NavigatorBianco, Frank
Bielstein, John Cheney18th SOS, PilotBielstein, JohnBad Night on the Trail
Biggs, Daniel Chaffin III17th SOS, PilotBiggs, Daniel
Blackman, Greg18th SOS, MaintenanceBlackman, G (19:24)
Blair, Douglas18th SOS, GunnerBlair, Douglas
Blum, Claude Mark18th SOS, Crew ChiefBlum, ClaudeBlum, C (23:36)
Blum, Fred M18th SOS, NavigatorBlum, FredBlum, F (10:08)

Blum, F GP4-WP (1:01:22)
Stinger Nighthawk Mission
Bokern, Robert F17th SOS, NavigatorBokern, RobertThe Last Flight of Shadow 78
Bon, Roger Sr18th SOS, IOBon, RogerGunship Experiences
Bond, Jim71st SOS, IOBond, J GP1-WP (1:01:25)
Botbyl, George18th SOS, PilotBail Out! Bail Out! Bail Out!
Bott, Terrance “Terry” William18th SOS, PilotBott, Terrance “Terry”
Bradshaw, Claude “Brad”18th SOS, NavigatorBradshaw, Claude “Brad”Bradshaw, C (6:33)
Brander, Tom18th SOS, AvionicsBrander, T (37:14)
Bright, Andy18th SOS, Crew ChiefBright, AndyBright, A GP3-WP (27:25)
Brogan, Donald E71st SOS, IOBrogan, Donald
(Brow) Knight, ElizabethDaughter, Al Brow, 18th SOS, PilotBrow-Knight, E (30:23)
Brown, Kenneth Ray18th SOS, IOBrown, KennethLt Gen Tom Waskow, FAC (29:32)

Jennifer Barkalow and George Bare (8:14)
The Shootdown of Stinger 41
Brown, William71st SOS, PilotBrown, W (14:34)
Brubaker, 18th SOS, NavigatorBad Night on the Trail
Buckley, Paul J71st & 17th SOS, PilotBuckley, Paul
Burger, Norm18th SOS, NavigatorBurger, N GP4-WP (1:01:22)The Bailout of Stinger 839
Butler, Bob18th SOS, NavigatorStinger Gunship Nets 40 Trucks
Byrd, Bruce Lee18th SOS, GunnerByrd, BruceByrd, B GP2 (9:28)

Byrd, B (16:10)
Cachuela, Jose17th SOS, NavigatorShadow (We Own the Night)

The Last Flight of Shadow 78
Callaghan, William Stratton71st & 17th SOS, PilotCallaghan, William
Callahan, Charles71st SOS, MaintenanceCallahan, C GP1-WP (1:01:25)
Canterbury, George18th SOS, NavigatorStinger Gunship Nets 40 Trucks
Carlson, Don17th & 18th SOS, PilotCarlson, Don
Cartee, Dale E17th & 18th SOS, 14th SOW, NavigatorCartee, Dale
Carter, George S Sr18th SOS, GunnerCarter, GeorgeCarter, G (14:28)
Caruso, Eugene18th SOS, GunnerCaruso, E (16:22)
Chalef, Boris “Borey” C71st SOS, NavigatorChalef, Boris “Borey”
Chamberlain, Peter18th SOS, NavigatorChamberlain, PeterChamberlain, P (37:11)
Chamberlin, Dennis18th SOS, GunnerChamberlin, D (6:42)
Chandler, Allen17th SOS, IOChandler, AllenChandler, A (10:03)

Chandler, A GP2-WP (41:56)
The Last Flight of Shadow 78
Chandler, BarbaraSpouse, Allen Chandler, 17th SOS, IOChandler, B (6:18)
Chapman, George18th SOS, PilotChapman, GeorgeChapman, G (10:41)
Chase, Junior “Jay” L18th SOS, MaintenanceChase, Junior “Jay”
Clancy, Roger18th SOS, NavigatorClancy, R GP6-MacKay Trophy (16:34)The Story of 883
Clifford, DonPalace DogWhat Happened to the AC-119s
Coates, John Robert18th SOS, GunnerCoates, JohnCoates, J GP7 (22:07)
Coco, Gene18th SOS, NavigatorCoco, G (14:44)
Cofer, Donnell H18th SOS, GunnerCofer D GP6-MacKay Trophy (16:34)The Story of 883
Collars, Jay17th SOS, FECollars, JayCollars, J (9:56)
Collins, Willard “Bill”18th SOS, FECollins, Willard “Bill”
Connolly, Robert71st SOS, PilotConnolly, R (10:15)
Cooling, Don18th SOS, FECooling, D (4:57)
Cooper, Stan “Jim”17th SOS, NavigatorCooper, Stan “Jim”Cooper, S (32:39)
Cootz, John18th SOS, GunnerCootz, JohnCootz, J (31:33)
Corbett, Richard “Craig”18th SOS, GunnerCorbett, Richard “Craig”Corbett, C GP3-Stinger 41 (28:36)

Lt Gen Tom Waskow, FAC (29:32)

Jennifer Barkalow and George Bare (8:14)
The Shootdown of Stinger 41
Cougill, Tom71st SOS, PilotCougill, T GP1-WP (1:01:25)
Courtney, Terrence F18th SOS, PilotCourtney, TerrenceLt Gen Tom Waskow, FAC (29:32)

Jennifer Barkalow and George Bare (8:14)
The Shootdown of Stinger 41
Craig, Donald A17th SOS, PilotCraig, DonaldCraig, D (4:22)
Craig, James S17th SOS, NavigatorCraig, James
Davis, Leslie Dennis17th SOS, PilotDavis, LeslieDavis, D GP1-C Flt (1:12:21)
Davis, Michael E18th SOS, IODavis, Michael
Davis, Preston H71st & 17th SOS, PilotDavis, PrestonDavis, P (14:30)
Davis, Richard18th SOS, GunnerDavis, Rich (14:19)
Davis, Roy A17th & 18th SOS, PilotDavis, RoyDavis, Roy (18:24)
Deal, Jack18th SOS, NavigatorBad Night on the Trail
Dorazio, Ron18th SOS, GunnerDorazio, Ron (12:40)
Drzyzga, Michael J Jr17th SOS, GunnerDrzyzga, MichaelDrzyzga, M (14:08)

Drzyzga, M GP1 (1:10:20)
Dudley, BillFairchild-HillerDudley, BillDudley, B (32:16)
Dunn, Jim18th SOS, NavigatorDunn, J GP1 (9:02)
Dunn, Estel “Wade”71st & 17th SOS, GunnerDunn, Estel “Wade”Dunn, E GP3 (38:04)
Dunn, HarryDunn, Harry
DuVall, JackBrother of MIA 4th ACS Gunner Dean A DuVallDuVall, Jack
Dydo, John Robert “Bobby”18th SOS, PilotDydo, John “Bobby”Dydo, B (11:39)
Eberhardt, Tony18th SOS, GunnerStinger Gunship Nets 40 Trucks
Eckstein, Robert71st SOS, FEEckstein, Robert
Eggert, Frederick William18th SOS, FEEggert, FrederickEggert, F (12:14)
Emma, Frank J17th SOS, NavigatorEmma, Frank
Eramo, Daniel J17th & 18th SOS, PilotEramo, DanielEramo, D (17:04)
Evans, Allen56th SOW, GunshopEvans, A 1 (12:14)

Evans, A 2 (21:20)
Evans, Norman J17th SOS, GunnerEvans, NormanEvans, N (9:39)
Evans, William Edward71st SOS, Crew ChiefEvans, WilliamEvans, W GP1 (21:34)
Fage, Robert F17th SOS, GunnerThe Last Flight of Shadow 78
Farmer, Robert D17th SOS, MaintenanceFarmer, RobertFarmer, B GP2-WP (41:56)
Farney, Earl18th SOS, NavigatorFarney, E GP1-C Flt (1:12:21)
Farrell, Jim71st & 17th SOS, GunnerFarrell, J (32:04)
Feezer, Bill18th SOS, FEFeezer, B GP5 (9:23)
Firestone, Kenneth E18th SOS, GunnerFirestone, K GP6-MacKay Trophy (16:34)The Story of 883
Fletcher, Larry Elton17th SOS, PilotFletcher, LarryFletcher, L GP1-C Flt (1:12:21)
Foster, Bruce71st SOS, MaintenanceFoster, B GP3 (28:41)
Foster, Don18th SOS, GunnerFoster, Don
Frahm, LeRoy E71st & 17th SOS, Fire ControlFrahm, LeRoyFrahm, L (1:00:24)
Fraker, Donald D17th SOS, PilotFraker, Donald
Frederick, Robert P18th SOS, PilotFrederick, RobertFrederick, R GP3-WP (27:25)
Freund, Charles “Chick” III18th SOS, PilotFreund, Charles “Chick”
Friel, Michael Neal18th SOS, IOFriel, MichaelStinger Nighthawk Mission
Friese, Rod17th SOS, IOFriese, Rod
Froelich, Lloyd18th SOS, NavigatorFroelich, LloydFroelich, L (51:04)
Frost, Douglas “Doug”18th SOS, NavigatorFrost, Douglas “Doug”
Funk, John R18th SOS, FEFunk, JohnFunk, J (43:02)
Gallo, Samuel P18th SOS, GunnerGallo, SamuelGallo, S (12:54)
George, William17th SOS, GunnerGeorge, W (12:03)
Gericke, William A.17th SOS, NavigatorGericke, William
Gerner, Francis “Frank” J17th SOS, NavigatorGerner, Francis “Frank”
Gilbert, Ronald Lee18th SOS, GunnerGilbert, RonaldGilbert, R GP2-WP (41:56)
Goen, Paul K71st SOS, MaintenanceGoen, Paul
Gourley, Garrettson “Garry”17th SOS, FEGourley, Garrettson “Garry”
Goryl, Joe18th SOS, GunnerGoryl, J (34:14)
Graham, Tom18th SOS, MaintenanceStinger Logo on Da Nang Ops Building
Grant, Jimmy18th SOS, IOGrant, JimmyGrant, J (11:52)
Graves, Fred18th SOS, FEGraves, FredStinger Nighthawk Mission
Graves, KarenSpouse, Fred Graves, 18th SOS, FEGraves, K GP4 (15:29)
Gravitte, Ray17th & 18th SOS, GunnerGravitte, R GP1-WP (1:01:25)

Gravitte, R GP4-WP (1:01:22)

Gravitte, R GP9 (9:00)
Green, Clayton L17th & 18th SOS, MaintenanceGreen, Clayton
Green, James Willis17th SOS, GunnerGreen, James
Greene, Jerry17th SOS, GunnerGreene, J (2:08)
Greenberg, Irvin Ernest18th SOS, PilotGreenberg, Irvin
Gregory, William B Jr17th SOS, PilotGregory, William
Grimsley, Richard17th SOS, GunnerGrimsley, R (40:01)
Gunster, Walter Eugene III18th SOS, NavigatorGunster, Walter
Hall, Rich71st & 17th SOS, IOHall, R (21:20)
Halsey, Jack L71st & 17th SOS, NavigatorHalsey, Jack
Hamilton, Bill71st & 17th SOS, NavigatorShadow AC-119G: A History
Hamman, Thomas Ralph18th SOS, PilotHamman, Thomas
Hammerlund, David M17th SOS, FEShadow Destroys Bunker Complex
Hansen, Vernon C18th SOS, PilotHansen, VernonHansen, V (16:42)
Hanson, William L18th SOS, MaintenanceHanson, William
Hardy, George18th SOS, PilotHardy, GeorgeHardy, G (10:49)
Hay, Richard F18th SOS, PilotHay, RichardInterview with Warren Kwiecinski, Alloway’s pilot (47:08)

Interview with Lynn Pappas, Alloway’s daughter (39:36)

Interview with David and Bobbie Hiltz, Alloway’s friends (58:33)
The Night I Lost Clyde Alloway
Hehman, Richard D71st SOS, MaintenanceHehman, Richard
Hester, Jerry Lee18th SOS, IOHester, JerryHester, J (7:27)
Heuer, Gerald18th SOS, NavigatorHeuer, G (1:59:05)
Heuss, Herman “Al” Allan71st SOS, PilotHeuss, Herman “Al”Heuss, A 1 (11:57)

Heuss, A 2 (25:02)

Heuss, A 3 (12:35)

Heuss, A GP1-WP (1:01:25)

Heuss, A GP3 (28:41)
Hiers, Harris71st & 17th SOS, MaintenanceHiers, H (42:04)
Higgins, Johnny Mack18th SOS, Fire ControlHiggins, Johnny
Hightshue, Donald Charles71st SOS, MaintenanceHightshue, Donald
Hill, Clement17th SOS, OperationsHill, C (54.45)
Hinken, David18th SOS, NavigatorHinken, D (11:33)
Hinton, Ronald (Ron) Robert18th SOS, FEHinton, Ronald “Ron”Hinton, R (5:55)

Hinton, R GP4-WP (1:01:22)
Hitchens, Ralph MacDowell18th SOS, PilotHitchens, Ralph
Hitzemann, Gary18th SOS, NavigatorHitzemann, GaryHitzemann, Gary GP4 (3:08)
Hoang, Nuoi821st SOS, VNAF Sqdn PilotHoang, Nuoi
Hoelstad, Kjell Lorang “Ole”17th SOS, IOHoelstad, Kjell “Ole”Hoelstad, K (22:04)
Holmes, Bobby18th SOS, FEHolmes, B (3:09)
Honzik, Thomas J18th SOS, GunnerHonzik, Thomas
Hoover, Bill17th & 18th SOS, 14th SOW, PilotHoover, B (21:49)
Hopkins, Lloyd B71st & 17th SOS, GunnerHopkins, LloydHopkins, L (11:20)
Howze, Richard S17th SOS, PilotHowze, Richard
Hughes, JD18th SOS, GunnerBad Night on the Trail
Humphreys, Edwin “Ed” III71st & 17th Maintenance OfficerHumphreys, Edwin “Ed”
Hunter, Larry J “Baby Huey”18th SOS, GunnerHunter, Larry “Baby Huey”Hunter, L GP3-WP (27:25)

Hunter, L GP4-WP (1:01:22)
Hupe, John F18th SOS, NavigatorAC-119 Model Takes to the Skies!
Illston, Jeff C18th SOS, PilotIllston, Jeff
Iman, Dale18th SOS, GunnerThe Shootdown of Stinger 41
Ingram, Gary L14th SOW and 18th SOS, Propellers
Isham, Bill18th SOS, IOIsham, BillIsham, B (25:56)The Bailout of Stinger 839
Iversen, Dick18th SOS, PilotIversen, DickIversen, R (5:20)
Jackson, Leroy18th SOS, GunnerThe Bailout of Stinger 839
Jacobson, Jon David “Jake”17th SOS, GunnerJacobson, Jon “Jake”Jacobson, J (17:41)Shadow Destroys Bunker Complex
Jaeckle, Alan “Jake”18th SOS, PilotJaeckle, Alan “Jake”Jaeckle, J (18:58)
James, Charles Milton “Chuck”17th SOS, PilotJames, Charles “Chuck”Shadow Incident at Chui Lai 1969

Shadow Destroys Bunker Complex
James, James William17th SOS, PilotJames, James
Jensen, Daniel L18th SOS, Gunner
Jeszeck, Joseph17th SOS, FEThe Last Flight of Shadow 78
Johnson, Charles Victor377th CSG, Gun ShopJohnson, Charles
Johnson, Robert W18th SOS, FE & IOJohnson, RobertBail Out! Bail Out! Bail Out!
Jones, Gale “Pat”71st & 17th SOS, IOJones, Gale “Pat”
Jones, Ron18th SOS, NavigatorJones, R GP6-MacKay Trophy (16:33)The Story of 883
Jowers, William L18th SOS, PilotJowers, William
Juday, Larry E18th SOS, PilotJuday, LarryCombat Aircrew Coordination in the AC-119G/K
Julian, Ronald Gary18th SOS, GunnerJulian, RonaldJulian, R (14:23)
Keller, James E17th SOS, PilotKeller, James
Kennedy Max C18th SOS, NavigatorKennedy Max
Kecskes, Stephen, A (Andy)17th SOS, PilotKecskes, Stephen (Andy)
Kimmel, Mike18th SOS, PilotKimmel, M (19:06)
Kleinhenz, William Joseph18th SOS, PilotKleinhenz, William
Knapic, Bernard “Bernie” R17th SOS, PilotKnapic, Bernard “Bernie”
Knowles, Charles M17th SOS, PilotThe Last Flight of Shadow 78
Knuckles, James71st SOS, Crew ChiefKnuckles, James
Komula, John Waino18th SOS, NavigatorKomula, John
Korte, Bill18th SOS, IOKorte, B (14:54)
Krueger, Albert Robert “Bob”18th SOS, PilotKrueger, Albert “Bob”Krueger, B (7:07)
Kuhn, David18th SOS, PilotKuhn, DavidKuhn, D GP5 (9:23)
Kwiecinski, Warren18th SOS, PilotKwiecinski, W (47:08)
Kyser, Linvel “Lee”18th SOS, FEKyser, Linvel “Lee”Kyser, L (12:14)AC-119 Model Takes to the Skies!

The Double Bingo

The Bailout of Stinger 839
La Rosa, Robert “Bob”18th SOS, GunnerLa Rosa, Robert “Bob”La Rosa, B (19:26)Bad Night on the Trail
Lacy, Johnny18th SOS, GunnerStinger Gunship Nets 40 Trucks
Laessig, LynetteSpouse, Wayne Laessig, 18th SOS, PilotLaessig, L GP4 (15:29)
Laessig, Wayne18th SOS, PilotLaessig, WayneLaessig, W (36:08)Stinger Nighthawk Mission

It Took a Full Crew to Fly a Firing Circle
Lau, Jesse17th & 18th SOS, MaintenanceLau, JesseLau, J 1 (9:54)

Lau, J 2 (26:15)
Lefarth, Ralph R17th SOS, PilotLefarth, RalphLefarth, R GP1-C Flt (1:12:21)
Levine, BarryWriter, and Honorary AC-119 Gunship Association MemberHow Cargo Haulers-Turned-Into-Gunships Rained Fire On The Enemy In Vietnam
Lewis, John W71st SOS, PilotLewis, John
Lodge, William “Bill” G S18th SOS, PilotLodge, William “Bill”Lodge, B (16:27)Stinger Nighthawk Mission
Lopez, Adolpho, R18th SOS, IOLopez, A GP6-MacKay Trophy (16:34)The Story of 883
Lubbers, Thomas L17th SOS, PilotLubbers, ThomasThe Last Flight of Shadow 78

My Recollection of Tom
Lucky, Shelby D18th SOS, IOLucky, Shelby
Luke, Don4th SOS, Crew ChiefLuke, D (20:53)
Lyall, Bob17th SOS, GunnerLyall, B GP2-WP (41:56)

Lyall, B GP3-WP (27:25)
Mac Isaac, Richard “Steve”18th SOS, PilotMac Isaac, Richard “Steve”Mac Isaac, R (1:05:41)

Mac Isaac, R GP4-WP (1:01:22)
Mages, Dan71st & 17th SOS, GunnerMages, D (12:24)
Mahany, Dick18th SOS, NavigatorMahany, D (9:54)
Main, Don18th SOS, PilotMain, Don
Mankin, Michael W17th SOS, PilotShadow Destroys Bunker Complex
March, Fred18th SOS, FEInterview with Warren Kwiecinski, Alloway’s pilot (47:08)

Interview with Lynn Pappas, Alloway’s daughter (39:36)

Interview with David and Bobbie Hiltz, Alloway’s friends (58:33)
The Night I Lost Clyde Alloway
Marr, Richard C “Buck”17th SOS, PilotMarr, Richard “Buck”
Marsland, Gerald “Mingo” E Jr18th SOS, GunnerMarsland, Gerald “Mingo”
Martin, Dale E18th SOS, GunnerMartin, Dale
Martin, John B17th SOS, MaintenanceMartin, John
Mason, Cleopas “Cleo” LaDell Jr4413th CCTS, AvionicsMason, Cleopas “Cleo”Mason, C (20:29)
Mattison, James Edward71st & 17th SOS, GunnerMattison, JamesMattison, J (2:27)

Mattison, J GP3 (38:04)
Matzen, Richard A18th SOS, PilotMatzen, Richard
Maxwell, Bruce56th SOW, MaintenanceMaxwell, Bruce
May, James Jr4413 CCTS & 14th SOW, PropellerMay, JamesMay, J (26:12)
Maynard, Byron “By” Douglas18th SOS, NavigatorMaynard, Byron “By”
McCall, Collier “Cash” F18th SOS, NavigatorMcCall, Collier “Cash”McCall, C GP1 (9:02)

McCall, C GP2 (9:28)
McCants, Walter O “Buck” 18th SOS, PilotMcCants, Walter “Bock”
McCartney, John18th SOS, PilotBad Night on the Trail
McCreight, Robert Walker18th SOS, PilotMcCreight, RobertMcCreight, B (2:40)
McDaniel, ClarenceMcDaniel, C GP1-WP (1:01:25)
McDaniel, Douglas D18th SOS, NavigatorMcDaniel, DouglasMcDaniel, D (37:59)

McDaniel, D GP1-WP (1:01:25)
McDonald, Jerry Wayne71st & 17th SOS, MaintenanceMcDonald, JerryMcDonald, J GP2-Mechanics (16:17)
McDuffie, Daniel R18th SOS, GunnerWe Were Proud to be Scanners
McFazdean, Bruce18th SOS, PilotStinger Gunship Nets 40 Trucks
McGarry, Robert F17th SOS, GunnerMcGarry, Robert
McLeod, Bobby Dean18th SOS, MaintenanceMcLeod, BobbyMcLeod, B GP8 (10:31)
Meckstroth, Jo AnnSpouse, Ray Meckstroth, 71/17 SOS, IOMeckstroth, J (8:02)
Meckstroth, Ray Edward71st & 17th SOS, IOMeckstroth, RayMeckstroth, R (9:30)
Meleen, Stephen R18th SOS, PilotMeleen, StephenMeleen, S (12:18)Stinger Nighthawk Mission
Merrick, Stanley J17th SOS, NavigatorShadow Destroys Bunker Complex
Mersek, Lawrence John18th SOS, GunnerMersek, Lawrence
Michels, John Charles71st SOS, MaintenanceMichels, JohnMichels, J (5:53)
Middleton, Larry D71st & 17th SOS, WeaponsMiddleton, LarryMiddleton, L GP2-Mechanics (16:17)
Milacek, Al18th SOS, PilotMilacek, A GP6-MacKay Trophy (16:33)The Story of 883
Milam, John18th SOS, GunnerMilam, JohnMilam, J 1 (6:49)

Milam, J 2 (15:03)
Montgomery, James “Jimmy” L18th SOS, GunnerMontgomery, James “Jimmy”Montgomery, J (14:02)
Moore, James Edward18th SOS, FEMoore, JamesMoore, J GP3-WP (27:25)Bail Out! Bail Out! Bail Out!
Morgan, Harold71st SOS, Personal EquipmentMorgan, HaroldMorgan, H (29.41)

Morgan, H GP3 (28:41)
Morgan, Richard71st SOS, PilotMorgan, R GP1-WP (1:01:25)
Morrison, Mal18th SOS, NavigatorMorrison, Mal
Morrissey, Thomas L18th SOS, GunnerMorrissey, Thomas
Morrow, John William17th SOS, GunnerMorrow, JohnMorrow, J (6:45)
Mullen, Mike17th SOS, GunnerMullen, M (12:03)
Muller, Bruce L17th SOS, Crew ChiefMuller, BruceMuller, B (11:59)
Mullins, Marshall18th SOS, Personal EquipmentMarshal Mullins – An American Hero (6:38)Warrior, Dreamer, and Patriot
Mundle, Robert W17th SOS, PilotMundle, Robert
Murdock, John Allen III17th SOS, GunnerMurdock, John
Napier, Billy B “Rusty”17th SOS, NavigatorNapier, Bill “Rusty”
Nash, Albert A18th SOS, FENash, A GP6-MacKay Trophy (16:33)The Story of 883
Nelson, Larry18th SOS, GunnerNelson, L GP3-WP (27:25)

Nelson, L GP4-WP (1:01:22)
Newberg, Ronald E17th SOS, GunnerNewberg, Ronald
Nicol, John B “Jack”17th SOS, NavigatorNicol, John “Jack”
Nobach, Mike Maynard18th SOS, GunnerNobach, Mike
Noonan, John Martin “Marty”17th SOS, PilotNoonan, John “Marty”
Norstrum, Liegh Robert17th SOS, MaintenanceNorstrum, Liegh
Novak, Tom18th SOS, GunnerNovak, T (21:30)
Nyberg, Roger Carl71st & 17th SOS, FENyberg, Roger
O’Brien, Brent C18th SOS, PilotO’Brien, BrentO’Brien, B GP6-MacKay Trophy (16:33)The Story of 883
O’Leary, Dan18th SOS, NavigatorO’Leary, D (17:11)
Olsen, Alan18th SOS, PilotOlson, A (9:24)
O’Mara, David E17th SOS, PilotO’Mara, David
Pakutinski, Anthony “Tony” G18th SOS, GunnerPakutinski, Anthony “Tony”
Pennington, Steven Laird18th SOS, MaintenancePennington, Steven
Perry, Art18th SOS, FEPerry, Art
Petrie, William O18th SOS, IOPetrie, WilliamPetrie, B GP2 (9:28)
Phillips, Boyd18th SOS, NavigatorStinger Gunship Nets 40 Trucks
Piercy, Robert S18th SOS, GunnerPiercy, Robert
Points, Roger18th SOS, GunnerPoints, R (11:07)
Pollmann, Diedrich18th SOS, PilotPollmann, D GP7 (22:07)
Posey, CindySpouse, Bill Posey, 17th SOS, FEPosey, C (5:20)
Posey, William “Bill” Joseph17th SOS, FEPosey, William “Bill”Posey, W (5:16)

Posey, W GP1-C Flt (1:12:21)
Preston, Kenny18th SOS, GunnerPreston, K (16:57)
Quayle, Dean18th SOS, PilotQuayle, Dean
Radke, Donald S71st & 17th SOS, IORadke, DonaldRadke, D 1 (11:53)

Radke, D 2 (5:04)
Radke, Patricia Spouse, Don Radke, 71/17 SOS, IORadke, P (5:02)
Rash, James A17th SOS, NavigatorRash, JamesRash, J (6:47)
Raveling, Vernon Richard17th & 18th SOS, IORaveling, Vernon
Ray, James “Jim” Eldon18th SOS, IORay, James “Jim”Ray, J (11:35)
Reess, Robert R71st, 17th, & 18th SOS, PilotReess, RobertReess, B (24:17)
Reid, Howard18th SOS, NavigatorReid, HowardReid, H (8:57)

Reid, H GP4 (3:08)
Reilly, Dick18th SOS, FEStinger Gunship Nets 40 Trucks
Renfroe, George17th SOS, GunnerRenfroe, G GP1 (1:10:20)
Reynolds, Alven Earl71st & 17th SOS, GunnerReynolds, AlvenReynolds, A (13:15)Shadow Incident at Chui Lai 1969
Rice, John18th SOS, GunnerBail Out! Bail Out! Bail Out!
Ring, Eugene “Dick” F18th SOS, PilotRing, Eugene “Dick”Ring, E (28:41)
Rios, David Perez71st & 17th SOS, IORios, David
Roach, James M71st & 17th SOS, PilotRoach, James
Robertson, Paul C18th SOS, NavigatorRobertson, Paul
Robertson, William G18th SOS, NavigatorRobertson, William
Rodgers, Wayne R17th SOS, Crew ChiefRodgers, WayneRodgers, W (14:47)
Romandetta, Dominick18th SOS, FERomandetta, Dominick
Rose, Roger M71st SOS, MaintenanceRose, Roger
Rubingh, Gary Eugene18th SOS, GunnerRubingh, Gary
Rucker, John O’Neal18th SOS, MaintenanceRucker, JohnSSG O’Neal Rucker Event 2/4/2023 (long) (37:53)

SSG O’Neal Rucker Event 2/4/2023 (short) (3:32)

Tia McConnell – How I Found My Dad (11:25)
Why Do We Do Reunions?

Airman Memorial Park, Da Nang Air Base

John Rucker O’Neal Memorial
Russell, James A18th SOS, NavigatorRussell, J GP6-MacKay Trophy (16:33)The Story of 883
Safreno, Robert R18th SOS, NavigatorSafreno, RobertSafreno, R (28:03)
Santivasci, John Daniel Jr18th SOS, LogisticsSantivasci, John
Sarul, Terrance “Terry” N18th SOS, GunnerSarul, Terrance “Terry”Sarul, TGP2 (46:30)

Sarul, T (44:17)
Savelle, Dave18th SOS, NavigatorSavelle, D GP1 (9:02)
Savera, Ramon A17th SOS, NavigatorSavera, Ramon
Schaltbrand, Eugene D71st & 17th SOS, PilotSchaltbrand, Eugene
Schuler, Terry “Bus” Blaine18th SOS, MaintenanceSchuler, Terry “Bus”
Schultz, Marcus56th SOW, AvionicsSchultz, M (32:51)
Schumann, John E18th SOS, PilotSchumann, JohnSchumann, J (35:20)
Scoggin, Tommy18th SOS, FEBad Night on the Trail
Scott, Wayne18th SOS, Maintenance SuperintendentScott, W GP8 (10:31)
Shoemaker, Jim18th SOS, NavigatorShoemaker, JimShoemaker, J (15:47)
Shope, James “Jim” D18th SOS, PilotShope, James “Jim”Shope, J (10:38)
Schrodes, Lee18th SOS, GunnerStinger Gunship Nets 40 Trucks
Simon, Norbert56th SOW, CommanderThe Stingers
Simon, Roy “Tony” A18th SOS, PilotSimon, Roy “Tony”The Bailout of Stinger 839
Simmons, JaySimmons, J (13:39)
Sininger, Augustis “Gus” D18th SOS, FESininger, Augustis “Gus”Sininger, G (18:03)

Sininger, G – Slides (7:12)
Stinger Nighthawk Mission
Slagle, David “Rod”18th SOS, NavigatorSlagle, David “Rod”Lt Gen Tom Waskow, FAC (29:32)

Jennifer Barkalow and George Bare (8:14)
The Shootdown of Stinger 41
Sledzinski, Ski17th & 18th SOS, GunnerSledzinski, S (26:13)

Lt Gen Tom Waskow, FAC (29:32)

Jennifer Barkalow and George Bare (8:14)
The Shootdown of Stinger 41
Smith, Bernie William17th SOS, NavigatorSmith, BernieSmith, B 1 (12:57)

Smith, B 2 (10:53)

Smith, B 3 (6:00)

Smith, B GP1-C Flt (1:12:21)
Smith, Donald17th SOS, GunnerSmith, D GP2-WP (41:56)
Smith, Michael Scott17th SOS, GunnerSmith, M 1 (21:42)

Smith, M 2 (25:12)
Smith, Michael Patrick17th SOS, GunnerSmith, Michael
Snyder, Jerry (Duke)18th SOS, GunnerSnyder, Jerry (Duke)Snyder, J GP2-WP (41:56)
Snyder, Roy W18th SOS, MaintenanceSnyder, Roy
Spencer, Bob17th SOS, FESpencer, B GP1-WP (1:01:25)Shadow Destroys Bunker Complex
Sprous, Everett “Ev” Dale18th SOS, GunnerSprous, Everett “Ev”Sprous, E (9:47)

Sprous, E GP2 (46:29)

Sprous, E GP4-WP (1:01:22)
We Were Proud to be Scanners
St Jean, Peter18th SOS, NavigatorSt Jean, PeterBad Night on the Trail
Stearn, Kenneth Paul17th SOS, IOStearn, Kenneth
Steffensmeier, Russell E71st & 17th SOS, GunnerSteffensmeier, RussellSteffensmeier, R GP1-WP (1:01:25)
Stein, Roy Michael71st SOS, InventoryStein, Roy
Sternenberg, Fred W18th SOS, PilotSternenberg, FredSternenberg, F (29:22)
Stevens, Donald Paul14th SOW, ElectricalStevens, Donald
Stevens, Rogers Craig Jr18th SOS, PilotStevens, RogersStevens, R GP3-WP (27:25)

Stevens, R GP9 (9:01)
Stewart, James17th SOS, NavigatorStewart, James
Stickles, Owen71st & 17th SOS, FEStickles, O GP1-WP (1:01:25)
Stout, Jerry18th SOS, FEStout, J (8:11)
Strubbe, John71st SOS, FEStrubbe, John
Study, Jack R71st SOS, MaintenanceStudy, Jack
Stumbaugh, Paul R18th SOS, MaintenanceStumbaugh, PaulStumbaugh, P (5:07)
Sugg, Joe18th SOS, PilotSugg, J (20:26)
Swanson, Donald J18th SOS, MaintenanceSwanson, Donald
Tarpley, Mark18th SOS, NavigatorTarpley, MarkTarpley, M (52:22)
Taschioglou, Byron “Tash”18th SOS, NavigatorLt Gen Tom Waskow, FAC (29:32)

Jennifer Barkalow and George Bare (8:14)
Letter Home May 7, 1972

The Shootdown of Stinger 41
Taylor, Neil18th SOS, GunnerTaylor, N GP7 (22:07)
Teal, Tom A17th & 18th SOS, PilotTeal, TomMemoirs of an Old Shadow and Stinger Commander in Vietnam; 1970-1973

Shadow Gunships at Saigon and Distant Places

Stinger Gunships at DaNang and Distant Places
Temoney, Andy71st SOS, GunnerTemoney, A GP1-WP (1:01:25)
Terral, Gregory L71st & 17th SOS, GunnerTerral, GregoryTerral, G GP3 (38:04)
Terry, Jimmy “Jim” L17th SOS, MaintenanceTerry, Jimmy “Jim”Terry, J (4:20)
Thompson, Danny B17th SOS, GunnerThompson, Danny
Traynor, Michael18th SOS, GunnerTraynor, M (4:23)
Turlington, Andy18th SOS, PilotTurlington, A GP3-WP (27:25)
Twaddle, Robert R “Dick”18th SOS, PilotTwaddle, Robert “Dick”
Tyler, William Leonidus71st SOS, MaintenanceTyler, WilliamTyler, B (9:26)
Van Duyn, Loren D18th SOS, Phase DockVan Duyn, LorenVan Duyn, L (15:12)
Vangelisti, Michael JThe Last Flight of Shadow 78
Van Over, Leonard Eugene “Gene”17th SOS, PilotVan Over, Leonard “Gene”Van Over, L (18:52)
Vaux, David G18th SOS, GunnerVaux, David
Vellines, Charles H17th SOS, NavigatorVellines, CharlesVellines, C (12:25)
Villarreal, Xavier G “Cook”18th SOS, NavigatorVillarreal, Xavier “Cook”Villarreal, X 1 (7:44)

Villarreal, X 2 (27:24)

Villarreal, X GP4-WP (1:01:22)
Voisey, David L17th SOS, GunnerVoisey, DavidVoisey, D GP1 (1:10:40)
Wait, Bill18th SOS, Maintenance OfficerWait, BillAC-119 Ferry Flight
Wall, Earl W71st SOS, MaintenanceWall, EarlWall, E GP1 (21:34)
Ward, Jimmy18th SOS, MaintenanceWard, J (13:09)
Ward, Richard “Rick” Lee18th SOS, IOWard, Richard “Rick”
Wargowsky, Dick18th SOS, PilotStinger Gunship Nets 40 Trucks
Warner,18th SOS, NavigatorBail Out! Bail Out! Bail Out!
Watson, Frank Clarence17th SOS, NavigatorWatson, Frank
Weave, John R17th SOS, GunnerShadow Destroys Bunker Complex
Weise, Herbert17th SOS, PilotWeise, Herbert
Weisenfluh, Thomas A18th SOS, GunnerWeisenfluh, Thomas
Wheatley, Phillips H71st & 17th SOS, MaintenanceWheatley, PhillipsWheatley, P GP2-Mechanics (16:17)
Whelan, Bruce18th SOS, PilotWhelan, B (26:20)
Wilhite, Kenneth Taylor Jr71st SOS, MaintenanceWilhite, Kenneth
Williams, Donald Ray18th SOS, PilotWilliams, Donald
Williams, John C “Chuck”17th SOS, NavigatorWilliams, John “Chuck”Williams, J 1 (23:14)

Williams, J 2 (16:58)
Wilson, Burke Lester18th SOS, NavigatorWilson, Burke
Wilson, Ronald R18th SOS, GunnerWilson, R GP6-MacKay Trophy (16:33)The Story of 883
Windsor, John F Jr17th SOS, PilotWindsor, John
Wohlgamuth, Douglas18th SOS, IOWohlgamuth, DouglasWohlgamuth, D (3:58)
Wolf, Lee18th SOS, IOWolf, L (6:54)
Wolf, Ray18th SOS, NavigatorSimon, RayThe Bailout of Stinger 839
Wood, Teddy G18th SOS, NavigatorWood, Teddy
Woolard, William “Bill” H71st & 17th SOS, NavigatorWoolard, William “Bill”Woolard, Bill (24:54)
Wright, Howard Emerson “Em”18th SOS, PilotWright, Howard “Em”
Wright, Jesse L18th SOS, GunnerWright, Jesse
Wurfel, Hans-Georg F18th SOS, GunnerWurfel, Hans-GeorgWurfel, H (13:38)
Yanascek, Jim18th SOS, FEYanacsek, J (9:18)
Yowell, Milo18th SOS, GunnerYowell, M GP4-WP (1:01:22)
Zeiler, Burton David18th SOS, GunnerZeiler, Burton
Zito, William “Bill” Joseph17th SOS, GunnerZito, William “Bill”Zito, B GP1 (1:10:20)
Zolock, Stephen J17th SOS, PilotZolock, Stephen

Historical Videos

AC-119 Gunship Association Reunion 2023 Meet and Greet (9:34) – John Paul Mac Isaac, Videographer
AC-119 Gunship Association Reunion 2023 Quilts of Valor (15:16) – John Paul Mac Isaac, Videographer
AC-119 Gunship Association Reunion 2019 Memories – Don’t Let The Old Man In (3:52) – Roy Davis, Videographer
AC-119 Gunship Association Reunion 2004 (1:51:06)
AC-119 Gunship Association Reunion 2003 (2:08:44)
AC-119 Gunship Association Reunion 2000 (1:54:58)
AC-119 Gunship Plaque Ceremony, Air Force Academy Pavilion (3:11) – Roy Davis, Videographer
AC-119 Gunship Plaque Dedication, Air Force Academy Pavilion (44:12) – John Paul Mac Isaac, Videographer
AC-119 KIA Commemorative Trike Interview with Matt and Annette Robeck, November 2023 (9:50) – John Paul Mac Isaac, Videographer
AC-119 Gunships – Our Story and Mission, OHV, Tribute (25:10) – Roy Davis, Videographer

AC-119 Gunships – Our Story and Mission, OHV (14:58)

AC-119 Gunships – Our Story and Mission (10:52)

AC-119 Gunships – Our Story (4:55)
AC-119K Stinger Gunship (54:31)
AC-119s – Riders on the Storm (7:11) – John Paul Mac Isaac, Videographer
Buckeye C-119 (5:42) – Roy Davis, Videographer
C-119 – Flight of the Phoenix (2:31) – Roy Davis, Videographer
Col Ron Terry – Father of Gunships (32:28) – Ron Terry, Speaker at 2004 Reunion
Fairchild-Hiller Corp – Gunship Program (32:17) – Bill Dudley, AC-119 Conversion Program Manager at 2004 Reunion
Ferry Flight and Phan Rang (7:47) – Roy Davis, Videographer
Final Flight Tribute (3:42) – Roy Davis, Videographer
Gene Van Over’s Mission Incidents (15:48) – Corey Van Over, Videographer
Greybull, WY, Museum of Flight (2:44) – Roy Davis, Videographer
KIA Tribute (4:37) – Roy Davis, Videographer
Phan Rang 1970 (6:17) – Roy Davis, Videographer
Significant Association Events 2022-2023 (13:15) – Roy Davis, Videographer
SSGT “O’Neal” Rucker Memorial Event (37:53) – Roy Davis, Videographer
Stinger Cartoon Book (8:05) – Roy Davis, Videographer
Stinger 41 – 2022 May 2 Reunion (8:53) – Roy Davis, Videographer
Stinger 41 – 2022 May 2 Reunion Survivors and Wives (1:05) – Roy Davis, Videographer
Stinger 41 – 2022 May 2 Reunion Survivors and Wives (1:05:40) – John Paul Mac Isaac, Videographer
Stinger 41 – Battle of An Loc (9:31) – Roy Davis, Videographer
Stinger 41 – Group Oral History Video (1:49:43) – John Paul Mac Isaac, Videographer
Stinger 41 – Last Flight (7:05) – Roy Davis, Videographer
Stinger 41 – Oral History Videos (18:05) – John Paul Mac Isaac, Videographer
Stinger 41 – Reunion (3:26) – Roy Davis, Videographer
Stinger 41 – Ski and The General (4:27) – Roy Davis, Videographer
Veterans Day (3:29) – Roy Davis, Videographer
Watch out for the Stinger! – the Fairchild AC-119G/K Gunships (10:39)