Welcome to the Quartermaster’s Corner

From the day we began our Reunions and our Association, we wanted to make items available that commemorate some of the things from our SEA and AC-119 Gunship time.  We have history and heritage items such as hats, patches, decals, gunship hat pins, and actual Mission Tapes.  Get a Shadow or Stinger litho, AC-119 “Brothers” prints, a book full of pictures and individual stories of AC-119 history, and individual videotaped sessions by our members relaying what it was like during their time in AC-119s and what it meant to them.  Those aren’t the only items you’ll find here. Other got-to-have items include Reunion T-shirts, Shadow and Stinger mouse pads, Association golf shirts, and many, many others! Check it out; we hope you’ll enjoy them!

If you have a question or input please send our Quartermaster a message using this input form: Contact GS
Please wear and use these treasures with pride!  We ARE AC-119 Gunshippers! We will never forget that, and we want others to know, learn, and remember that, too.

SPECIAL 20th REUNION T-SHIRT: For our 20th Anniversary Reunion, celebrating our 50 years of brotherhood, we decided to make a special, one-time, Reunion t-shirt. You can order one here until August 7. Check out the design on the ordering link below. The shirt comes in black, military green or white; cost per shirt will be approximately $18.50 plus tax, with a small upcharge for shirts larger than XL. The shirts will be available for pick up at the reunion, but if you cannot pick it up at the reunion, you will have to pay for shipping when you order. For any questions call Roy Davis at 253-549-2044 or email at roy@island-escape.comREMEMBER, LAST DAY TO ORDER IS AUGUST 7.  To order a t-shirt, use this link: REUNION T-SHIRT ORDER FORM.