Association Recommended Historical Repository

Vietnam Center at TTU is the Official Repository for AC-119 Gunship historical materials.

We invited the Vietnam Center’s Deputy Director, Dr. Steve Maxner, to join us at our 2007 Reunion & he gave a presentation about the Center’s efforts.  After Dr. Maxner’s presentation and Q&A session, Vern Hansen (our Association President at that time) accepted a motion that passed Designating the Vietnam Center as the Official Recommended Repository for AC-119 Gunship historical materials.

The Center continues to grow as the best place for Vietnam Veterans to preserve old orders, award citations, mission frags, etc. You can give them anything related to your Vietnam Tour. ALL the Center’s info is available for reviewing & there’s an “AC-119” area reserved on their database.

Yes, there are many ways to preserve your documents. It’s your choice. Please consider the Vietnam Center as a good way to do that. You might even want to tell your kids or put it in your will to assure our valuable historical info doesn’t end up in a garage sale or trash bin.