Cleopas (Cleo) LaDell Mason Jr, Avionics
4413th CCTS and 317th FMS, Lockbourne AFB, 1968-69

I was born in 1939 at Jamaica, New York; grew up in Goldsboro, North Carolina. I graduated from Bishop Dubois High School, and from Southern Illinois University in 1979.

 joined the Air Force on 16 January 1956 in New York, NY. I joined because (Cleo says) “My father suggested it.”

I worked Maintenance in the 4413th Combat Crew Training Squadron from May to September 1968, then with the 317th Field Maintenance Squadron from-September 1968 to April 1969 at Lockbourne AFB, Ohio.

When asked what his most memorable event with AC-119s, Cleo wrote, “I did not stay with the program long enough to experience any event that would be considered memorable.”

Editor’s note: when you meet Cleo, you may find he enjoys his memories quite a bit.