Jesse L. Wright, Gunner
18th SOS, Nakhon Phanom, Da Nang, and Bien Hoa, 1972-73

I was born in 1950 at Douglas, Georgia and graduated from Baldwin High School, Florida in 1968.

I joined the Air Force on April 29, 1969 in Jacksonville, FL. Although I lived in a Navy town, I had a cousin in the Air Force, so I thought I would give the AF a try.

My most memorable event with AC-119s was – I don’t remember the specific flight call sign or date, but – ANYTIME you have a “field goal”, that is pretty exciting!

I was a Sergeant during my tour in AC-119s, and am married to my wife Marge and our children are Erin, Jessica, and Bobby, plus grandchildren Casa and Cayhl.