Roy W. Snyder, Logistics
18th SOS, Bien Hoa, 1972

I was born in Elysburg, Pennsylvania in 1939. In 1957, I graduated from Central Columbia High in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. I graduated from Wayland Baptist University in 1977. I joined the Air Force to see the world and learn new job skills.

I served TDY (July-September 1972) with the 18th SOS at Bien Hoa AB, Vietnam. The most exciting times at Bien Hoa for me were the nights we were hit by rockets. One of our aircraft sustained several hundred holes and some of our fly-away kits were damaged during a rocket attack. I will always remember how gratifying it was for me to contribute to an organization that did so much to save the lives of men in combat. The rapid response of the 18th SOS to calls of troops in life threatening situations is something that every member can be proud of. It will remain in my memory forever.

I retired from the Air Force in October 1977 at Sheppard AFB, Wichita Falls, Texas. I currently live in San Antonio, Texas.