William “Bill” Joseph Posey, FE

17th SOS, Phu Cat, 1970-71

I currently live in Destin, Florida. Philadelphia, PA as my hometown and birthplace in 1938. I graduated from Wissahickon High School in 1955 and immediately joined the Air Force at Philadelphia on 24 July 1955 for a career.

I was a flight engineer on Shadow gunships stationed at Phu Cat Air Base, Republic of Vietnam. My tour of duty was 1970-71. I feel that every combat mission was a special mission and I was fortunate to fly 140 missions in Southeast Asia. And all 140 missions were exciting.

I’ll always remember all my comrades in S.E.A. and everything they did for our country. The Vietnam War Veterans were not recognized for their service for our country and in 2000, the AC-119 Gunship Association was formed and the Shadow and Stinger gunship vets finally got their deserved recognition.

I retired from the United States Air Force at Langley AFB in 1975.