AC-119 & Related FaceBook Sites

There’s lots of info you can access in the three Facebook sites we endorse.


Here’s what they’re about, how to join them, and posting guidelines.

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Our official Facebook Group Page for the AC-119 Gunship Association is called “AC-119Gunships.” It is a closed group requiring a request for membership. This is to aid in spam and hacking prevention. Requestors will be asked for a brief note explaining their connection or interest in AC-119 Gunships. The purpose of the group page is to provide an additional means to share experiences, stories, photos, and information relating to the AC-119s and the Association. To request inclusion and to access the site, go to

We endorse an “AIR FORCE GUNNERS” page initiated by our own Ev Sprous. This is a closed Facebook group page requiring membership. We do this to aid in spam and hacking prevention. This page focuses on US Air Force fixed wing and rotary winged gunners and related topics. The page is located at 

We also endorse another site created by our Facebook Admins titled “U.S. Military Veterans news you can use.”  This is a public group, open to all Facebook members. The focus is on disseminating information that may be of interest to US Military Veterans. We encourage polite discussion.  They can be found at 



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