Welcome to the AC-119 Gunship Association’s Website!

AC-119 Assoc PatchDedicated to all who maintained, flew, & supported AC-119G “Shadow” & AC-119K “Stinger” gunships during the Vietnam War.

Home of the 71st, 17th, & 18th Special Operations Squadrons & personnel who served in AC-119s.

Why We Exist:

  • To preserve our fixed-wing gunship heritage & history;
  • To remember our fallen & to keep lit the flames of our camaraderie;
  • To educate historians & the public about the mission, aircrew, groundcrew, & others associated with the AC-119 gunships.

If you were assigned to, attached to, or supported the 71st, 17th, or 18th Special Operations Squadrons or their AC-119 gunship missions in any way, you are eligible to join the AC-119 Gunship Association.


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