Welcome to the AC-119 Gunship Association’s Website!

AC-119 Association Patch

Dedicated to all who maintained, flew, and supported AC-119G “Shadow” and AC-119K “Stinger” gunships during the Vietnam War. Home of the 71st, 17th, and 18th Special Operations Squadrons and personnel who served in AC-119s.

Our Mission — Why we exist

  • To preserve our fixed-wing gunship heritage and history
  • To remember our fallen and to keep lit the flames of our camaraderie–old friendships and new ones
  • To educate historians and the public about the mission, aircrew, groundcrew, and others associated with the AC-119 gunships

If you were assigned to, attached to, or supported the 71st, 17th, or 18th Special Operations Squadrons or their AC-119 gunship missions in any way, you are eligible to join the AC-119 Gunship Association.

The Most Important Thing Our Members Can Do

The best way we can accomplish our mission of “preserving, remembering and educating” others is to tell our stories, write our bios, and create oral history videos. We have been doing a great job at doing just that. Our bios, videos and stories are now available to all on this website and in the books we have just published, that can be found in the Quartermaster’s Store.

The best thing our members can do is read the bios and stories and watch the videos of their fellow 119ers.

The second best thing our members can do is to submit a bio and make an oral history video.

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