Bio and Video Info and Samples


Bios began with the original History Book that we published in 2009, which contained over 200 Bios. Since then, many of you provided us with additional Bios, and we have enough to publish them. We decided to include the original HB Bios as well, so there are over 275 Bios now, all in a new book: “AC-119 Gunship Biographies – Volume One.”

If you haven’t done a Bio you can provide one. We’d like Bios to be one to two pages (or 1000 to 1500 words), typed (preferably in Microsoft Word), or at least in an email (NOT in all CAPS please). The major emphasis should be on your experiences in AC-119 gunships. Once we receive your Bio, we will post it with the others we have on our website at bios, videos, and stories, and include it in a future Volume two, which we plan to publish when we get enough new Bios. Bios should use this format:

  • When and where were you born
  • Where did you go to school
  • Why and how did you enter the Air Force
  • What were your assignments and where were you stationed
  • AC-119 experiences: most exciting/memorable people/missions/places/etc.
  • What did you do after AC-119s
  • What are you doing now

Click here for a SAMPLE BIO you can use for ideas.


We started doing videos in 2005 at our Reunion in Dayton (over 100 videos). Since then, video sessions have been available at every Reunion, and we now have over 250 Oral History Videos (OHV)!! Here is a link to all the OHVs made so far; and you can watch any of them at bios, videos, and stories,

  • You can schedule and do a video at any reunion.
  • They should be about 10 and 15 minutes long and emphasize your experiences in and with AC-119s.
  • If you’ve done a Bio, you can use it as a guide for your video.
  • We will provide sign-up instructions for a video at the next Reunion on our Upcoming Reunion web page.
  • You can include others in your video (wife, group, crew, etc).

Since we lost a year because the Reunion was cancelled for 2020 and moved to 2021, we are working on other ways videos might be done, possibly using Zoom, or some other program. We are open to suggestions.

If you have any questions regarding Bios or Videos, call Roy Davis at 253-549-2044, or email him at [email protected].