William Edward Evans, Maintenance
71st SOS, Nha Trang, 1968-69

I was born in Lawrence County, Indiana in 1940. In 1958, I graduated from Bedford High School in my hometown of Bedford, Indiana. In 1963, I graduated from Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana. Upon graduation from Butler, I joined the United States Air Force Reserves to avoid the Selective Service Draft.

I served with the 71st Special Operations Squadron in flight-line maintenance at Nha Trang Air Base, Vietnam in 1968-69. The most exciting AC-119 event for me was landing at Elmendorf AFB, Alaska in ice fog on the ferry mission to Vietnam. I’ll always remember playing Euchre (card game) and the good times living in the hootch, only steps away from the NCO Club, and closing the club nightly with Paul Goen.

On 19 June 1969, I separated from the Air Force at Bakalar AFB, Columbus, Indiana. I currently live in Zionsville, Indiana.