Charles Victor Johnson, Supply
377th Combat Support Group, Tan Son Nhut, 1969-70

Bend, Oregon was my birthplace in 1948. I graduated from Newberg High School in 1977. I joined the Air Force to avoid the draft. I thought that I could serve my country while getting an education in the USAF, something that I could use when I got out. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

I was assigned to the 377th Combat Support Group 377th Supply Squadron (AMMO) and arrived at Tan Son Nhut Air Base, Saigon, RVN on October 24, 1969 and departed on October 23, 1970.

My most exciting event occurred at Tan Son Nhut one night. We had extra aircraft parked across the taxiway from the 17th Special Operations Squadron C Flight Ops Building and we had just finished loading a plane. Maintenance personnel were working in the flare launcher when all of a sudden a flare was launched. The flare ejected out of the container and started burning on the ground in the revetment where the aircraft was parked. Someone got hold of the parachute and drug the burning flare out onto the taxiway. When I finally looked up we were surrounded by fire trucks. Stuff happens.

Even though I was assigned to the 377th Supply Squadron (AMMO), I really enjoyed working with the guys at C Flight. They were a great bunch of guys. I really enjoyed being there. I always loved hearing the gunship’s engines starting up and sitting there idling.

I was discharged from the Air Force on October 9, 1971 at George Air Force Base, California. I currently live in Newberg, Oregon.