Dick Iversen, Pilot
18th SOS, Phan Rang, Nakhon Phanom, and Da Nang, 1971-72

I entered the United States Air Force in March 1967 and served through September 1987. My one year Vietnam tour of duty was from February 1971 to February 1972. I reported for duty with the 18th Special Operations Squadron at Phan Rang Air Base, RVN. After two weeks there, I spent six months at Nakhon Phnom (NKP) Air Base in Thailand and six months at Da Nang as an Instructor Pilot (IP). I have 600 hours in AC-119s and a total of 7,000 hours in all the following aircraft: AC-119, KC/EC/RC-135, FB-111, T-39, B-52, T-37/38, and B-1B.

Military Grades/Dates
• Mar 1967: 2nd Lieutenant
• Sep 1968: 1st Lieutenant
• Jan 1971: Captain
• Apr 1974: Major
• Jun 1979: Lieutenant Colonel
• Jun 1984: Colonel

• 1967: Graduate Air Intelligence Training – Lowry AFB
• 1969: Graduate Undergrad Pilot Training – Moody AFB
• 1969-71: KC-135 IP
• 1971-72: AC-119K SEA (NKP/Da Nang)
• 1972-74: KC/EC-135 IP – KI Sawyer AFB
• 1974-76: T-39/KC-135 IP (Aide to 8AF Comdr)
• 1974-76: FB-111/A P/IP -Plattsburgh AFB
• 1987-87: 28th Bomb Wing Commander – Ellsworth AFB
• Sept 1987: Retired with 20 years and 6 months of active duty service.

Awards and Decorations
Distinguished Service Medal, Legion of Merit, Distinguished Flying Cross w/1OLC, Air Medal w/7OLC