Bobby Dean McLeod, Maintenance
18th SOS, Da Nang, 1972

I was born at Snyder, Texas in 1933 and graduated from Lockney High School in Lockney, Texas in 1951. I entered the USAF at Amarillo, Texas on 5 April 1952. The reason I joined the Air Force was to serve my country and avoid the Draft.

When not maintaining AC-119K Stinger gunships at Da Nang AB, I ran a snack bar in a maintenance hangar in conjunction with the U.S. Army. I remember watching our gunships in action at night from the roof of my barracks. It was quite a sight. I’ll never forget running for cover during rocket attacks.

I attended Jefferson Davis Junior College in Mississippi from 1979 to 1980. I retired from the United States Air Force on 1 August 1980.