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  • Interested in the criteria for AC-119 Gunship Association membership, and how to apply? Both the Membership Criteria and Application are in this section. For Questions contact our Membership Manager Ev Sprous using his input form: Contact ES
  • Who did we lose in SEA?  View In Memory of SEA KIAs to learn more about our fallen, but never forgotten, brothers. For Questions contact our POC Wayne Laessig using his input form: Contact WL
  • Our Final Flight Roster includes all who have passed on, listed by Squadron or Squadron affiliation. For Questions or to provide updates, contact our POC Wayne Laessig using his input form: Contact WL
  • Check out the Alpha Roster! You can view ALL the names we have of those who flew or supported AC-119s. If we have the information, you can send them a message. Some names are missing and you can submit info on those, as well as on any who are on the Alpha Roster but without contact info. For those, if you can send us their email, phone number, address, or whatever you have, it can help us make contact with them.
  • For Questions or to update your info, contact our Master Contact List Manager Ron Julian using his input form: Contact RJ
  • You can update your own contact info to assure you get Newsletters, AND it helps us save “beaucoup” $ when you tell us  your new email address. It’s simple: select your name and fill in the “message” fields that appear, including your new email
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Reunion Postponed

It is with great regret we announce the postponement of the 2020 Reunion until 2021. We will post new information as soon as we negotiate the appropriate hotel and event contract changes.

August 2020 Firing Circle Newsletter

June 2020 Flash

2021 Reunion T-Shirts

Surprise!!! This is the new 2021 version of our reunion t-shirt. The date on the front has been changed to 2021 so this t-shirt will work for Fort Walton Beach next year. The back lists the 2020 Reunion as COVID-19 2020 and FWB 2021 added. The t-shirts come in short sleeve, long sleeve and women styles. There is a choice of four colors and the prices range from $10.66 to $13.95 (plus shipping) for up to XL, and slightly more for larger sizes. This is bound to be a collector’s item (as the 2020 t-shirt already is :>)! To check out the design or order t-shirts, click on this T-SHIRT ORDER FORM. Questions call Roy Davis at (253) 549-2044.