In these Reunion pages you'll find the following:

  1. Info about our upcoming 2019 Salt Lake City, Utah, Reunion including online Reunion Registration and hotel reservation.
  2. We have a new opportunity for all to become AC-119 Gunship Association Sponsors, to help us to keep Reunion costs as low as possible for attendees, to offer incentives for our special families to attend, and to continue to support the Association’s projects and mission. Check out Mike Drzyzga’s March 2019 President’s Message for more on this this new opportunity to Become a Sponsor.
  3. Our Future 2020 Fort Walton Beach, Florida Reunion.
  4. Info from every reunion we had since 2000 in Fort Walton.
Why do we hold reunions?  It's really simple and words are inadequate, but here goes...

Old friendships bonded in brotherhood; new friendships were found in brotherhood; and we recognize HISTORY.


We remember. We were there, we existed, and we did one bang-up job as AC-119 Gunshippers!!!

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