The History of the Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcar

Rich Cosner, son of Wendell Cosner, published his father’s manuscript with the help of Shadow and Stinger Pilot Roy Davis.

Buy the book from Amazon:  The History of the Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcar.  It is available as a paperback for $14.95 and as an E-book for $.99. (Note: the E-book will only work on Amazon Fire tablets.)

This manuscript was passed on to me by Rich Cosner.  Rich is the son of Wendell Cosner, the author of this manuscript.  Wendell is a retired US Air Force Colonel who flew many hours in the C-119 and had a love for this airplane.  Wendell spent over 15 years researching and writing the history of the C-119 from start to finish.

I was a US Air force pilot who flew the AC-119 as a gunship in the Vietnam War.  My flying time was in modern jets and I did not have the appreciation for the C-119 that it deserved.  I am a member of the AC-119 Gunship Association and that is how Rich Cosner found me.  He asked if I could take a look at his Dad’s manuscript and possibly publish it.  After reading the manuscript straight through without a break, my appreciation for the largest twin reciprocating engine cargo aircraft grew immensely.  It did not take me long to edit the manuscript and proof it for publishing.

This book is an excellent read and provides all the information anyone could want about the C-119 Flying Boxcar.  I highly recommend reading it.  My only regret is that Wendell passed before he could see his work published.

Roy A. Davis, Colonel (Ret)
US Air Force