Upcoming Reunion Washington DC

Reunion XXIII
Hilton Crystal City, Washington, DC
Wednesday, November 8 – Sunday, November 12, 2023 (New Dates!)
“54 Years Remembrance of AC-119 Gunships”
Reunion Coordinator — Armed Forces Reunions

Greetings to all AC-119ers, Family and Friends,

I am thrilled to share this news with you, we are ready to celebrate another great reunion.  I am always amazed to see us celebrate life as brothers.  We became brothers in Vietnam.  I watched fellow AC-119ers share their brotherhood at the Linden, TX, 50th Vietnam Commemoration in February.  We will be sharing that brotherhood at the Air Force Academy in June at the dedication of our AC-119 Gunship bronze plaque at the Vietnam Pavilion.  And the Washington D.C. reunion will allow us to share our lives with each other again.  We have a special camaraderie with a very unique experience that bonds us together.  Let’s keep the dream alive.  See you all there.

John Cootz, Association President
[email protected]

WOW! Lots to cover:

  1. Short version: Y-E-S our 23rd Reunion IS moving forward, just with one change: our Reunion Hotel’s corporate headquarters decided to renovate the hotel when we planned to hold our original Reunion, and we had to move our Reunion dates to November 8-12, 2023!
    • Bummer……, BUT the good part of this is that we’ll be there when the weather is better, with no changes to our planned events, tours, rooms, or pricing!
  2. Longer version (if you like details):
    • Hilton convention room renovations were delayed for two years due to COVID. They are now catching up and our Crystal City Hilton is now on the schedule for August-early October.
    • Yes, you might see the hotel name listed as Hilton Crystal City – or – Hilton Arlington National Landing. They’re the same hotel; the renovation includes renaming it to Hilton Arlington National Landing.
    • The Hilton Hotel and our contractor Armed Forces Reunions (AFR) worked closely with the Association to find the best possible solution.
    • They agreed to keep all pricing the same as originally planned at the Hilton. All room availability will remain the same and we will have newly renovated reunion rooms.
    • Our banquet is now on Veterans Day.
    • The weather is mild the first half of November which makes the tours easier.
    • November and December are peak tourist times for the hotel so our original price is now even a greater bargain for hotel rooms and meals.
    • For those driving to the reunion, fall colors will be in their full glory into early November.
    • Lodging does include breakfast buffet for two!
  3. So.., How do you sign up?
  4. FIRST; use this link to see the Schedule, Tour, and Hotel information: Schedule, Tour, and Hotel Information.

NOTE: read these BEFORE you register or reserve a room – and please, PRINT them.

  1. THEN, use the AFR links below to register for the Reunion and Tours, and reserve your room:

NOTE: if you need to cancel (full or partial) after you register, contact the AFR Office directly at 757-625-6401.

  1. We’ll include more details about the Reunion, event Menus, local area sights, and more in monthly Flash Messages and on our Facebook page.
  2. Got questions? Contact John Cootz