Association Board, POC, & Committee Info

Your AC-119 Gunship Association Board Members, as well as many POCs and Key Committee Members, are listed below.
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Association Board Members
     President: Mike Drzyzga Contact MD
     Vice President: Roy Davis Contact RD
     Secretary: Andrea Drzyzga Contact AD
     Treasurer: Doug Wohlgamuth Contact DW
     Prior Board Member: Wayne Laessig Contact WL
     Board Member At Large: Jim Dunn Contact JD
     Board Member At Large: John Wolff Contact JW
     Board Member At Large: Jenna Laird Contact JL
     Membership & Media Manager: Everett Sprous Contact ES
Association POCs
     17th SOS POC: Dave Voisey Contact DV
     18th SOS POC: Everett Sprous Contact ES
     71st SOS POC: Jim Alvis Contact JA
     Maintenance/Support POC: Bruce Muller Contact BM
     KIA and Honorary POC: Wayne Laessig Contact WL
     Family and Friends POC: Everett Sprous Contact ES
Legacy Squadron POCs
     17th SOS Kadena Legacy POC: N/A
     18th FLTS Legacy POC: Gus Sininger Contact GS
     71st SOS Kirtland Legacy POC: Jim Alvis Contact JA
     73rd SOS Cannon Legacy POC: Steve Mac Isaac Contact SM
     73rd SOS Cannon Legacy POC: Norm Evans Contact NE
Association Committees and Team Leads
     Upcoming Reunion Coordinator: Gus Sininger Contact GS
     Quartermaster: Gus Sininger Contact GS
     Assistant Quartermaster: Everett Sprous Contact ES
     Firing Circle Newsletter Editor: Don Luke Contact DL
Facebook Administrators
     Everett Sprous Contact ES
     Jim Mattison Contact JM
     Andrea Drzyzga Contact AD
     Roy Davis Contact RD
    Terry Sarul Contact TS
Master Contact List (MCL) Database
     Ron Julian Contact RJ
     Wayne Laessig Contact WL
Membership Coordinator
     Everett Sprous Contact ES
Awards and Decorations Assistance Team
     Steve Mac Isaac Contact SM
     Larry Hunter Contact LH
     Webmaster Contact WM
Personal History Biographies
     Roy Davis Contact RD
     Everett Sprous Contact ES
    JP Mac Isaac Contact JP