17th SOS Shadow Challenge Coin


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Each Challenge Coin, also called Round Metal Object (RMO), is numbered. Coins are issued as orders come in; you cannot request a specific number.  You will receive the next number in the remaining inventory.

Challenge Coins are part of a heritage beginning hundreds of years ago, that became part of our current military culture again in the 1980s.  When you receive your coin, you’ll also receive that historical info plus the RMO “Rules” (They’re very important to know!) about “challenges made and the consequences.”

The history of the Challenge coin goes back to World War I. A young pilot placed a medallion in a small leather pouch. He was captured by a German patrol behind enemy lines. The Germans took all of his personal identification, except the pouch with coin. The pilot escaped, stumbling upon a French outpost. The coin was shown to the French, which one of his French captors recognized as the squadron insignia on the medallion. Back at his squadron, it became a tradition that all members carry the medallion or coin at all times. Rules of the coin challenge are as follows.

  1. The challenge is initiated by drawing your coin, holding in the air by whatever means possible, and stating, screaming, shouting, or otherwise verbally acknowledging that you are initiating a coin check. Another method is to firmly place the coin on the bar, table, or floor. If you accidentally drop your coin and it makes an audible sound upon impact, then you have just “accidentally” initiated a coin check (This is called paying the price for improper care of your coin.)
  2. The response consists of ALL those persons being challenged drawing their coin in a like manner.
  3. If you are challenged and are unable to properly respond, you must buy a round of drinks for the challenger and the group being challenged.
  4. If everyone being challenged responds in a correct manner, the challenger must by a round of drinks for ALL those people they challenged.
  5. Failure to buy a round is a despicable crime and will require that you turn in your coin to an issuing agency.

They apply to those persons clothed or unclothed. At the time of the challenge, you are permitted one step and arms reach to locate your coin. If you still cannot reach it, SORRY ABOUT THAT!!

Now you know the rules, so have your Medallion or coin available at all times.