The Gunship Chronicles: Stinger 41

Larry published his book with the help of Shadow and Stinger Pilot Roy Davis.  Larry’s story mirrors in many ways much of our own AC-119 stories.

Buy the book from Amazon:  The Gunship Chronicles: Stinger 41.  It is available as a paperback for $9.95 and as an E-book for $.99. Larry is donating all the profits from the sale of the book to the Association.

You can also watch Larry and Craig Corbett, Stinger 41 survivors, tell their story in the videos they made. They can be found on our Bios, Videos, and Stories webpage.

In 1994, Stinger Nav/NOS Larry Barbee decided to write about his AC-119K experience (including the May 2nd 1972 Shootdown of Stinger 41 where Larry was that mission’s Nav/NOS) for his Master’s Degree in Journalism and Mass Communications Project at the University of Oklahoma.

The professors who were on the graduate committee wanted him to submit it for publication but he never had the desire and didn’t expect it to have any other viewers. Later in life, Larry shared his story with several of us and he learned how much it meant to us. We posted it on our web site and it tells what it was really like to be there, and what happened. Larry wrote in his book’s Dedication; “If I have earned the right to dedicate a book about Vietnam to someone, it would be to Terry Courtney, who met his end, so that I and others could stop, and return.