Upcoming Reunion

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Brothers, This year’s reunion will quite conceivably be our best yet. If you can find the time, please try to attend. Whether you are a long-time attendee or a first-timer this will be a great opportunity to renew old acquaintances and celebrate our efforts of so long ago. I am looking forward to seeing you in Salt Lake City in September. Come to Utah and bring your family and fellow comrades. -- Mike Drzyzga

Are you ready for Reunion XX? It is going to be great!


Utah, Salt Lake City, and the surrounding geography offer everyone something fantastic.


Come early and stay late – The hotel rates will be good for ten days. By March we will have reunion registration and hotel reservation details and post them on our website as well as send them to you. Please, wait for our details before trying to register or reserve a room.


Our Hotel: First and foremost, we are in one of the finest hotels in the city. (Check their website at https://saltlake.littleamerica.com/.) Our events in the hotel are in first class areas. We’ll post a list of all the food and beverage menus and cost for our events plus the restaurants / cafes soon. You’ll also be able to Reserve your room soon – we’ll post details on our website and send you the info in a Newsletter. (Please wait for that.)

The Hootch: Huge two rooms with wide doors that go out to a terrace and the indoor-outdoor pool. We will have lots of round tables in both rooms and on the terrace. We will have narrow rectangle tables on all outside edges of those rooms with more rounds in middle. It is bigger than Tucson, and that was big :>). Lots of room to mix and mingle, so bring your memorabilia, photos, and family.

Transportation: No matter how you arrive, we have you covered:

  • Airlines: If you provide us your flight info we will have someone escort you to ground transportation and see you to the hotel.
  • Trax Green Line light rail shuttle is $1.25 per person and takes 10 minutes from Salt Lake City International directly to Little America.
  • By Car: Parking at the hotel is free and close to your room.
  • By RV: The hotel has a close secure RV lot and it is free to us.

Arrival: We have our own separate check-in and check-out desk at the hotel, where you’ll receive your reunion package. One stop!

Rooms: Little America is a big hotel and they blocked a whole area just for us. We have direct inside access to the main part of the hotel.

Food: The area immediately surrounding the hotel has many very good restaurants, plus the hotel has several excellent restaurants and cafes. We will post a map that highlights the best places to visit and eat.

Itinerary Outline – We will provide you with a detailed agenda / calendar / schedule soon.

  • Breakfasts – On your own. (The Hotel’s Café has excellent, affordable breakfasts.)
  • HootchOpens daily 8:00 a.m. and closes about 10:00 p.m. Wednesday–Sunday. We’ll confirm details soon.
  • Lunches – On your own.
  • Dinners – Wednesday/Thursday on your own. Friday/Saturday/Sunday Dinners are included in our planned Events.
  • Tours / Excursions / Events – Thursday-Sunday (Days and places soon.), plus Free Time – daily.
  • Friday Welcome Meet-n-Greet – Designed to really mix and mingle and enjoy great food.
  • Saturday Morning Business Meetings (Association and Spouses)
  • Saturday Banquet and Auction – This banquet is special; it’s our 20th Reunion Anniversary coupled with our 50th Anniversary of the AC-119 time we had in SEA. We plan a first-class event with first-class food – special entertainment – a short-winded speaker – a super auction. Dress will reflect the quality of the event: party suits, coat and tie, suits, dress uniforms including Mess Dress, and evening dresses for our ladies. No grousing – This is our 20th/50th!! If you still have hair, get a haircut!
  • Sunday Board Meeting
  • Sunday Golf Tournament
  • Sunday Farewell BBQ – If you can, stick around for this event. It will be a great Reunion XX close out.

Adventures: (We’ll do 1 or 2 as Group Tours, and some are for you to do On Your Own.

  1. Here are some options so far, but more to come: (Stay tuned for calendar and sign-up sheets.)
  • Hill AFB Aerospace Museum with a base tour, and ceremonies with the fighter wing there. Incredible museum – rivals Wright-Patterson’s.
  • Tour Park City – Dining; shopping; 2002 Winter Olympics site
  • Temple Square and Tabernacle Choir:
    • Rehearsals Thursday 7:30-9:30 p.m. with no dress code.
    • Live, televised performances Sunday mornings where admission is limited to those eight years of age and older. For Sunday, doors open to the public at 8:30 a.m., and guests should be seated by 9:15 a.m., when the doors are closed. The broadcast is 30 minutes in length and ends at 10:00 a.m.
    • BOTH are Free!
  • Family History Library The world’s largest genealogical library. Look up relatives you didn’t even know you had. It’s Free, so bring whatever info you have and get started!
  • Kennecott’s Bingham Canyon Open Pit Copper Mine – Largest man-made hole in the world!
  • This Is the Place State Park and Living History Museum
  • Gondola ride to summit of Snowbird Ski Resort
  1. Air and Ground Crews: Send us Crew pictures (including Maintenance) and we’ll put them in a folder on the Reunion Page, with some words about finding your crew and pictures, and contacting them to get together for a “Then and Now” picture celebrating your 50 Years of Brotherhood. That means you’ll want to contact your crewmates – now, while they’re still around :>)

The Reunion Team: Something for everybody.

  1. As usual, we need Volunteers to Help the Coordinator during and after the reunion.
  • Reception/Check in Volunteers (only need to cover one morning, afternoon, or evening):
    • Wednesday afternoon or evening.
    • Thursday morning, afternoon, or evening.
    • Friday morning or afternoon.
    • After that, the Reception and Check in packages will be in the Hootch.
  • Hootch Sitters (Hootch opens early and closes late Wednesday-Sunday.) Coverage includes watching over the refreshments, guiding lost guests and new attendees, and monitoring auction items. Sitters only need to cover one morning, afternoon, or evening stint:
    • Wednesday afternoon or evening.
    • Thursday morning, afternoon, or evening.
    • Friday morning or afternoon. (Evening Meet and Greet not required.)
    • Saturday afternoon. (Morning Association / Spouses Meetings and evening Banquet not required.)
    • Sunday morning or Sunday afternoon. (Evening Farewell BBQ not required.)
  • Auction: We can use some help in putting this together / finding donors / setting up / soliciting items from members and others / presentation in the ‘Hootch’ and at the banquet.
If you can help on any of the above, please contact Chuck Williams at chuckhole@earthlink.net  and let him know what you’d like to do. You can make suggestions on others who can help with a specific item or event. Don’t text Chuck, please.


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