Alpha Roster

Alpha Roster

This is where anyone can view ALL the names we have of those who flew or supported AC-119s. Some names are missing and you can submit info on those, as well as on any who are on the ALPHA Roster, but without contact info.  For those, if you can send us their email, phone number, or address it can help us make contact with them.


You can use the Search box below and if they are in the “sort codes” where we have contact with them, you can use the message box to send them a message. NOTE: Your message will NOT go directly to them, but instead goes to their POC who reviews it and forwards it unless there’s a reason not to.  NOTE: The “Sort Codes” are at the end of the line for each person on the roster.


For any Questions: contact us using the contact form at the BOTTOM of this page.

We have contact information

The guys we have contact info on have the following sort codes: 71AM, 17A, 18A, 02MO.  The first three are Squadrons & the 02MO sort code includes all AC-119 Maintainers & other Support Personnel. You can send any of them a message “through” their POC (go to the President’s Page & use the Association Board, POC, & Committee Contact Info)

We have a name only, and no contact information

Our guys who we do NOT have contact information on have the following sort code: 99NI.

If you have information on any of these individuals, please send a note to Ron Julian using the contact form at the bottom of this page with their contact information: name, postal address, email address, phone.

Final Flight

The sort code O1FF contains names of our deceased, and we may or may not have contact information on family members. Information is shared only in very special circumstances.

Folks not yet on our Roster

If you know of an AC-119 Gunshipper who is not on the Alpha Roster, please contact Ron Julian with as much information as possible about the missing individual (Crew or Ground position, years in country, locations, anything helps).

Sort by:
Total Records Found: 1934, showing 100 per page
First NameLast NameUnit 1PositionStateSort Code
Ted Curtis 18th SOS Pilot SC 18A
Charles Daenzer 18th SOS Supt MI 02MO
Nick Dagones 18th SOS Maint NM 02MO
Joseph Dague 71st SOS Pilot IN 01FF
William Daley Jr 18th SOS Empty Empty 99NI
Keith Dalrymple Jr 18th SOS Maint NM 01FF
Charles Dalzell 71st SOS Gunner Empty 99NI
Russell Damm Empty Empty Empty 01FF
Ken Daniels 18th SOS Gunner Empty 99NI
Andrew Danielson 18th SOS Pilot IL 18A
Ron Davenport Empty Maint Empty 99NI
Virlyn Davenport 17th SOS Empty TX 01FF
James Davidson 18th SOS Empty Empty 99NI
Richard Davis 18th SOS Gunner NM 18A
Roy Davis 18th SOS Pilot AZ 18A
Charles Davis 18th SOS Maint Empty 99NI
Donald Davis 17th SOS FE Empty 99NI
James Davis 71st SOS Nav TX 01FF
John Davis 18th SOS Empty Empty 99NI
L Dennis Davis 17th SOS Pilot TX 17A
Michael Davis 18th SOS IO OR 18A
Preston Davis 71st SOS Pilot OH 71AM
Robert Davis 18th SOS Pilot TN 18A
Al Davy 17th SOS Pilot KY 17A
William Dawson 71st SOS Nav Empty 99NI
James Day 71st SOS Maint IN 71AM
Ron Dean 18th SOS Pilot Empty 99NI
Floyd Deaton 71st SOS Maint IN 71AM
Philip Deering 18th SOS Nav TX 18A
Donald DeHart 18th SOS Nav TX 18A
Kenneth DeJong 17th SOS FE Empty 99NI
Kelly DeLoache 18th SOS Nav SC 01FF
Bernia Deneger 18th SOS Gunner NJ 18A
Richard Denfeld 18th SOS Nav VA 18A
Don Denny 17th SOS Empty TX 17A
John Derascavage 71st SOS Nav Empty 99NI
Robert Derr 17th SOS Pilot OK 17A
Michael Derrick 18th SOS IO OK 18A
Barry Dethomas 18th SOS Maint Empty 99NI
Ronald Deuri 18th SOS Gunner OH 18A
Kirk Devoid 18th SOS Maint Empty 99NI
Russ DiBona Empty Maint MA 02MO
William Dickson 17th SOS Pilot VA 17A
Phillip Diehl 17th SOS Nav MS 17A
David Diener 17th SOS Gunner AZ 17A
Frederick Dietsch 18th SOS Nav PA 18A
Ronald Dillon 17th SOS FE NC 17A
William Dillon 18th SOS Maint MI 02MO
Donald Dillow 17th SOS Maint OH 02MO
Roy Dinwiddie 18th SOS Gunner LA 18A
James Diven Empty Empty Empty 99NI
Willie Dixon Empty Empty Empty 99NI
Bobby Dixon Sr 17th SOS Gunner GA 01FF
Charles Dobbs 71st SOS Maint Empty 01FF
William Doersam Sr 18th SOS Gunner ND 18A
Edward Doherty 71st SOS Gunner Empty 01FF
Vincent Donadio Empty Maint ID 01FF
Gene Donahue 17th SOS Nav Empty 99NI
Charles Donaldson 18th SOS Nav CA 18A
Warren Dorall 18th SOS Pilot WI 18A
Ronald Dorazio 18th SOS Gunner GA 18A
John Dorger 18th SOS Nav CA 18A
Donald Dorroh 18th SOS Maint Empty 99NI
Norm Dotti 18th SOS Pilot NJ 18A
Ronald Doughty 18th SOS Maint OH 02MO
Michael Douglas 17th SOS Maint SD 01FF
Leo Downer 18th SOS Nav HI 99NI
Cleo Downs 18th SOS FE CA 18A
John Downs 18th SOS Empty OH 18A
Bill Drabek 17th SOS FE IN 17A
George Dragoo 71st SOS IO IN 01FF
Mike Drews 18th SOS FE MN 18A
Theodore Dreyer 17th SOS Pilot Empty 99NI
Thomas Dreyer 17th SOS Pilot Empty 99NI
John Drislan 18th SOS Nav SC 01FF
Michael Drzyzga 17th SOS Gunner NJ 17A
Henry DuCoeur 18th SOS Gunner Empty 18A
Thomas Duda 18th SOS Maint MO 02MO
William Dudley Empty Supt FL 02MO
Donald Duffy 18th SOS Empty TX 99NI
Charles Duke 18th SOS Pilot SC 18A
James Dunbar IN 71AM
James Dunn 18th SOS Nav MI 18A
Wade Dunn 71st SOS Gunner MO 71AM
Don DuTemple 18th SOS Empty Empty 18A
John Dydo 18th SOS Pilot FL 18A
Bart Dye 71st SOS FE IN 01FF
Richard Dykhuizen Empty Empty Empty 99NI
Kent Easty 71st SOS Nav Empty 99NI
Lester Eaton Empty Empty Empty 99NI
Anthony Eberhardt 18th SOS Gunner OH 18A
David Eberts 71st SOS Maint IN 71AM
Richard Eckiss 17th SOS IO Empty 99NI
Robert Eckstein 71st SOS FE IN 71AM
Gary Eddy 71st SOS Maint IN 71AM
Ronald Edington 17th SOS FE Empty 01FF
James Edwards 17th SOS Pilot TN 17A
Fred Eggert 18th SOS FE NE 01FF
Edward Elbert Jr 17th SOS Pilot FL 01FF
Lawrence Elder 18th SOS Maint FL 02MO
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