Alpha Roster

Alpha Roster

This is where anyone can view ALL the names we have of those who flew or supported AC-119s. Some names are missing and you can submit info on those, as well as on any who are on the ALPHA Roster, but without contact info.  For those, if you can send us their email, phone number, or address it can help us make contact with them.


You can use the Search box below and if they are in the “sort codes” where we have contact with them, you can use the message box to send them a message. NOTE: Your message will NOT go directly to them, but instead goes to their POC who reviews it and forwards it unless there’s a reason not to.  NOTE: The “Sort Codes” are at the end of the line for each person on the roster.


For any Questions: contact us using the contact form at the BOTTOM of this page.

We have contact information

The guys we have contact info on have the following sort codes: 71AM, 17A, 18A, 02MO.  The first three are Squadrons & the 02MO sort code includes all AC-119 Maintainers & other Support Personnel. You can send any of them a message “through” their POC (go to the President’s Page & use the Association Board, POC, & Committee Contact Info)

We have a name only, and no contact information

Our guys who we do NOT have contact information on have the following sort code: 99NI.

If you have information on any of these individuals, please send a note to Ron Julian using the contact form at the bottom of this page with their contact information: name, postal address, email address, phone.

Final Flight

The sort code O1FF contains names of our deceased, and we may or may not have contact information on family members. Information is shared only in very special circumstances.

Folks not yet on our Roster

If you know of an AC-119 Gunshipper who is not on the Alpha Roster, please contact Ron Julian with as much information as possible about the missing individual (Crew or Ground position, years in country, locations, anything helps).

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Total Records Found: 2129, showing 100 per page
First NameLast NameUnit 1PositionStateSort Code
Leonard Barnett 18th SOS Gunner AZ 18A
Leon Barnwell 18th SOS Gunner Empty 99NI
Ray Barradale 18th SOS IO PA 01FF
Allen Barreras 18th SOS Pilot TX 18A
Samuel Barrick, Jr 18th SOS Pilot Empty 99NI
John Barrientos 17th SOS Maint CA 02MO
John Barron 18th SOS NOS CA 18A
Frank Bartlett 18th SOS Gunner NV 18A
William Bartolet 18th SOS Gunner Empty 99NI
John Barton 14th SOW Supt NC 02MO
Robert Bassett Jr 18th SOS Gunner PA 18A
Leo Basten Jr 71st SOS Nav Empty 99NI
Jack Bastin 71st SOS Maint IN 71AM
Douglas Batchelder 17th SOS Pilot Empty 99NI
Elton Bates Empty Maint Empty 01FF
John Bates 18th SOS Pilot Empty 99NI
Thomas Bauer 71st SOS Maint IN 71AM
Robert Baum 71st SOS Gunner Empty 01FF
Tom Bauman 14th SOW Maint CA 02MO
Anton Bautz 18th SOS Pilot TX 18A
Arthur Baxter 18th SOS IO CA 18A
Arnold Bay 18th SOS Gunner CA 18A
Paul Beagley 18th SOS Gunner WA 18A
George Beall 18th SOS Nav Empty 01FF
Donald Bear 18th SOS Empty 99NI
Robert Beaty 71st SOS Nav KY 71AM
William Behrend 71st SOS IO OH 71AM
Robert Behrens 18th SOS Gunner Empty 99NI
Robert Behrens Empty Family CA 0FAM
Darwin Bell 71st SOS Pilot TX 99NI
Oliver Bell 17th SOS Maint Empty 99NI
Billy Bell 17th SOS Nav Empty 01FF
Levy Belton 18th SOS Supt ID 02MO
Philip Bender 71st SOS IO FL 01FF
Ronald Benedict 18th SOS Nav Empty 99NI
Carl Benedict 18th SOS Nav NE 18A
Jim Bennes 18th SOS Nav FL 18A
Arthur Bennett II 17th SOS Nav NY 17A
Jimmie Benton 18th SOS Maint Empty 99NI
Ulas Benton 18th SOS IO TN 01FF
William Benzi 71st SOS IO FL 71AM
Joseph Berardino 17th SOS Gunner FL 17A
Stephen Berchelmann 71st SOS Pilot Empty 99NI
Bernard Bergdorf 18th SOS Nav Empty 99NI
John Bergin 17th SOS FE ID 17A
William Bergman 14th SOW Maint Empty 99NI
Donald Bergstrum Empty Empty Empty 01FF
Tad Berkebile 18th SOS Nav CA 18A
William Besaw 17th SOS Empty MT 17A
George Bethke 17th SOS Nav OK 17A
Victor Bey 17th SOS Nav AL 17A
Jim Beyer 18th SOS Maint Empty 99NI
Donald Beyl 71st SOS Pilot Empty 01FF
Frank Bianco 18th SOS Nav NE 18A
Terry Bickers 71st SOS Supt IN 71AM
John Biedka 18th SOS Gunner FL 18A
John Bielstein 18th SOS Pilot MD 01FF
Daniel Biggs III 17th SOS Pilot TX 17A
Clarence Black 17th SOS Nav AZ 01FF
Allen Blackburn 17th SOS Nav TX 01FF
Charles Blackmon 18th SOS Maint AL 02MO
James Blackwood, Jr 18th SOS Empty 99NI
Arnold Blair 71st SOS Maint IN 71AM
Douglas Blair 18th SOS Gunner FL 01FF
Henry Blair 18th SOS Pilot WA 18A
Charles Blake 17th SOS Pilot Empty 01FF
Lance Blanchard 18th SOS FE MO 01FF
Bert Blanton 17th SOS Pilot OK 17A
Morris Blick 18th SOS FE CA 18A
Lawerence Blood 18th SOS Pilot FL 18A
Mclendon Blue 18th SOS Empty GA 01FF
Claude Blum 18th SOS Maint TX 02MO
Fred Blum 18th SOS Nav TX 01FF
John Bobbitt 18th SOS Gunner OK 18A
Israel Bobe 18th SOS Maint NY 99NI
Charles Bock 18th SOS Nav Empty 99NI
Richard Bode 17th SOS Nav MO 17A
Gordon Boezer 18th SOS Pilot VA 18A
Robert Bokern 17th SOS Nav CA 17A
Chris Boles Empty Supt AZ 02MO
Eugene Bolia 18th SOS Maint Empty 99NI
Fred Boling 18th SOS Pilot Empty 01FF
Eugene Bolka 18th SOS Supt SD 02MO
Roger Bon, Sr 18th SOS IO AK 18A
Jim Bond 71st SOS IO IN 71AM
Roger Bonneau 17th SOS Gunner ID 17A
Thomas Booher IN 71AM
Matthew Boonstra 17th SOS Pilot Empty 01FF
Raymond Bortz 18th SOS Gunner PA 01FF
Remo Boschian 17th SOS Pilot TX 17A
Karl Bossi 14th SOW Supt FL 02MO
George Botbyl 18th SOS Pilot Empty 99NI
Don Bott 18th SOS Nav TX 18A
Terry Bott 18th SOS Pilot VA 01FF
William Bottoms Jr 17th SOS Nav MN 17A
Charles Botula 17th SOS Pilot IL 17A
James Boyd 71st SOS Gunner SD 71AM
Douglas Boyle 18th SOS Maint AL 01FF
Norman Brackett Empty Maint TN 02MO
Berny Bradach 18th SOS Nav NC 18A
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