AC-119G Wooden Model with Stand


AC-119G Wooden Plane Model Price includes shipping

20 in stock (can be backordered)

Wooden Model AC-119G Plane w/stand, from the Philippines.

We will contact you when your shipment is being shipped from the manufacturer.  There will be some delays in getting the orders delivered from the supplier.  The G model is not something they keep in stock and they have to have 5 orders to begin processing them.  Keep in mind that they come over by Boat.   The pictures you see are of a K Model that has been doctored for inventory. That’s because they don’t have an actual wooden model of an AC-119G yet.

If ordering and paying by Check, Please make the check out to the GUNSHIP ASSOCIATION and mail it to: Gus Sininger, 312 Woodrow St. NE  Apt #1,  Fort Walton Beach, FL   32547