AC-119G Wooden Model with Stand


AC-119G wooden plane model with stand. It comes from the Philippines. Price includes shipping.

Available on backorder

Wooden model AC-119G plane with stand, from the Philippines.

We will contact you when your shipment is being shipped from the manufacturer.  There will be some delays in getting the orders delivered from the supplier.  The G model is not something they keep in stock and they have to have 5 orders to begin processing them.  Keep in mind that they come over by Boat.   The pictures you see are of a K Model that has been doctored for inventory. That’s because they don’t have an actual wooden model of an AC-119G yet.

If ordering and paying by Check, Please make the check out to the GUNSHIP ASSOCIATION and mail it to: Gus Sininger, 312 Woodrow St. NE  Apt #1,  Fort Walton Beach, FL   32547.