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For 20 years, donations helped fund our projects and events like the AC-119 Gunship KIA Memorial Plaque, AC-119 Paintings and Lithos, Stinger Monument, AC-119 History Book, Squadron Flags with Campaign Streamers, AC-119 Gunship Memorial Bench, new Website, Legacy Squadrons, Memorial Ales, Outreach, personal videotaped sessions, and especially Reunions that include hosted KIA families.

ALL our projects and Events focus on our Association’s Mission – Why We Exist:

  • To preserve our fixed-wing gunship heritage and history.
  • To remember our fallen and keep lit the flames of our camaraderie; old friendships and new ones.
  • To educate historians and the public about the mission, aircrew, groundcrew, and others associated with the AC-119 gunships.

It’s amazing what our Association accomplished!

What’s next? How do we do best achieve the next phase of our Association’s journey and Mission? One way is to make our Reunions as affordable as possible, to help us reach out to more of our AC-119 Air and Ground Crew, and their families – NOW – while they’re still with us!

Getting us together while we still can is the biggest plus there is. We can help do that by reducing Reunion costs – making attendance affordable for all – and by hosting special Reunion guests such as KIA families.


How can you help? Become an AC-119 Gunship Association Sponsor! You can sponsor as an individual, as a family, as a group, as a crew, as a crew position, whatever rings your chimes!

  • We’ll use your sponsorships to help us reach out to more AC-119ers; to reduce Reunion costs for all; and to assure we honor our fallen brothers and their families the best we can!
  • Choose a Sponsor level and we’ll recognize you in our Reunion Hootch and Banquet Pamphlet, and on our website!
Existing 2019 Sponsors are listed at the bottom of this page – a huge Thank You to them!
Sponsor Levels
Guns Hot Sponsor
Rolling In Sponsor
Troops In Contact Sponsor
We Are AC119s Sponsor
Corporate, Group, or Crew Sponsors
Contact Chuck, Mike, or Doug (Info below)

First, you make your donation by simply going to PayPal and opening your account with your user login, then:

  1. Click on the “send” icon (upper right)
  2. In the “send money to” box; enter Doug Wohlgamuth’s email address
  3. Click “next” button; then enter the dollar amount
  4. Click “continue; chose the method to make payment (PayPal or Credit Card)
  5. Add a Note identifying your Sponsorship Name and the Sponsor(s) Name(s)
  6. Verify summary that all info is correct
  7. Click on “send payment now”

Second, confirm the Sponsorship and Sponsor(s) Name(s). Remember, your Sponsorship can be in your Name as an Individual sponsorship, or in the name of a specific Crew for a Crew Sponsorship, or in a Group name, or in a Crew Position name, whatever. If more than one person is wants to do a Sponsorship, include all the individuals who are contributing to that sponsorship.  Email Wayne Laessig at and give him your Sponsorship details. He’ll update the web page list. Also, if anyone wants to add to an existing sponsorship (e.g. additional crewmembers of a specific crew), you can do that by donating as described above, then sending Wayne an email with the detailsso he can update that Sponsorship.

If you prefer, you can donate directly to our Reunion via the Hotel – contact Little America’s Cathy Stirland at 801-258-6644 to apply your donation directly to our Reunion Events. 


Questions? Call Chuck Williams 703-624-6995, Mike Drzyzga 201-310-2943, or Doug Wohlgamuth 813-781-5728.

p.s. Since our AC-119 Gunship Association is a certified Non_Profit,, your Sponsorships are Tax Deductible.

  1. Corporate: MJHDrzyzgaHPC.LLC – Mike Drzyzga, Owner
  2. Guns Hot: Fred “Farkle” Graves – Karen Graves, Wayne Laessig
  3. Guns Hot: Tommy Hamman, Always Remembered – Wayne Laessig, Gus Sininger
  4. Guns Hot: Donnie Williams’ Crew – Wayne Laessig, Gus Sininger
  5. Guns Hot: Jim Acquaviva – Mike Krauss
  6. Guns Hot: The AC-119 Guns Hot Group (Gunners) – Ev Sprous, Mike Krauss
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