Liz-Alpha Roster

Alpha Roster

View ALL the names our Association has gathered of those men who flew or supported AC-119s. You can use the Search box below.  If names have “sort codes” at the end of the row, indicating the Association has contact with them, you can use the Contact Form below to send them a message. NOTE: Your message will NOT go directly to them, but instead goes to their POC who reviews it and forwards it–unless there’s a reason not to.

Some names are missing from the Alpha Roster. If you have information about someone who should be on the roster, please us the Contact Form to send us their email, phone number, and/or address to help the Association get in touch with them.  You can also submit info on any who are on the ALPHA Roster but are missing contact info.

For any questions, contact us using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

We have contact information

The guys we have contact info on have the following sort codes: 71AM, 17A, 18A, 02MO. The first three codes are Squadrons.  The 02MO code includes all AC-119 Maintainers and other Support Personnel. You can send any of them a message through their POC, found on our Association Board, POC, & Committee Info webpage.

We have a name only, and no contact information

Our guys who we do NOT have contact information on have the following sort code: 99NI.

If you have information on any of these individuals, please send a note to Ron Julian using the contact form at the bottom of this page with their contact information: name, postal address, email address, phone.

Final Flight

The sort code O1FF contains names of our deceased, and we may or may not have contact information on family members. Information is shared only in very special circumstances.

Folks not yet on our Roster

If you know of an AC-119 Gunshipper who is not on the Alpha Roster, contact our Master Contact List Manager Ron Julian.

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Total Records Found: 2302, showing 100 per page
First NameLast NameUnit 1PositionStateSort Code
Alvin Aaronson 18th SOS Empty TX 01FF
Bruce Abbott 18th SOS Gunner PA 01FF
Larry Abernathy 18th SOS Maint MO 02MO
William Ables 18th SOS FE Empty 01FF
Karl Achterman 18th SOS FE OH 18A
James Acquaviva 18th SOS Pilot NC 01FF
Karl Acterman 18th SOS Gunner 99NI
Robert Adams 17th SOS 99NI
Paul Adams 17th SOS FE Empty 99NI
Troy Adams 14th SOW Maint ME 02MO
Harold Adams 18th SOS Maint Empty 01FF
Larry Addis 18th SOS Maint KY 02MO
BG Harry Aderholt Empty Honorary FL 01FF
James Agee, Jr 18th SOS FE AZ 18A
Anthony Agnello 18th SOS Nav CA 01FF
Gerald Aiken 71st SOS Nav OH 71AM
John Aipoalani Empty Maint HI 02MO
Brian Akers 71st SOS Nav MI 71AM
Henry Akers 71st SOS 99NI
Henry DK Alau 17th SOS Nav HI 01FF
Victor Albano 14th SOW Empty 01FF
Larry Alderson 18th SOS Gunner MO 18A
Chuck Aldous 18th SOS Gunner NV 18A
Tony Alef 18th SOS Maint AZ 02MO
Donnelly Alexander 18th SOS Maint AL 02MO
Richard Alexander 71st SOS Supt IN 71AM
Mario Alfaro 71st SOS Maint CA 01FF
Julian Alford 17th SOS IO LA 17A
Phil Alitizer 17th SOS Gunner MS 17A
Orrin Allen 17th SOS Maint Empty 99NI
Robert Allen 17th SOS Supt Empty 99NI
Robert Allen 71st SOS Pilot FL 71AM
Robert Allen 17th SOS Pilot VA 17A
George Allen 18th SOS Maint CA 02MO
Vernon Allis 18th SOS Maint OH 02MO
William Allison 18th SOS Pilot 99NI
Clyde Alloway 18th SOS IO NH 01FF
William Altizer 17th SOS Gunner Empty 99NI
James Altrich 71st SOS 99NI
Joseph Alvarez 18th SOS Gunner CA 18A
Moses Alves 17th SOS Nav NJ 01FF
James Alvis 71st SOS Maint IN 71AM
Mariano Amper 18th SOS Maint CA 01FF
Vernon Amundson 18th SOS Nav MA 18A
Andy Anderson 56th SOW Maint NV 02MO
Arthur Anderson 18th SOS Nav TX 18A
James Anderson 17th SOS FE Empty 99NI
Jerry Anderson 18th SOS Gunner FL 18A
Meredith Anderson 17th SOS Nav IL 01FF
William Anderson 18th SOS IO TX 18A
John Anderson 18th SOS Gunner 99NI
Edwin Anderson 18th SOS 99NI
Albert Andreen 71st SOS FE Empty 99NI
Robert Andrews 18th SOS Gunner CA 01FF
Winston Anthony 17th SOS Maint Empty 99NI
David Antle 71st SOS Maint Empty 01FF
Charles Apgar 18th SOS Pilot FL 01FF
Charles Archie 17th SOS Nav VA 17A
N Archo 18th SOS Pilot Empty 99NI
Thomas Armour 18th SOS Nav VA 01FF
Eugine Arnold 17th SOS Maint Empty 99NI
Harold Arnold 14th SOW Maint AL 02MO
Lawrence Arnold 18th SOS Nav CA 18A
Allen Arthur 18th SOS Maint DE 02MO
Allen Arthur Empty Empty Empty 01FF
Antonio Arzate 18th SOS FE CA 18A
Richard Ash 71st SOS Maint Empty 99NI
Don Ashley 18th SOS Maint NC 02MO
Charles Ashton 18th SOS Pilot Empty 01FF
Glenn Ashworth 18th SOS Pilot Empty 01FF
Theodore Askin 18th SOS Pilot Empty 01FF
Robert Aspinwall 18th SOS Nav KS 18A
Richard Atkinson 18th SOS Gunner VA 18A
Robert Atkinson 17th SOS NY 17A
Richard Atkinson 18th SOS Gunner 99NI
Theodore Atwood 18th SOS IO OH 01FF
James Austin 71st SOS Maint IN 71AM
Lou Avezzano 18th SOS Maint NJ 02MO
Harold Ayers 18th SOS Empty 01FF
Harold Bach 17th SOS Nav CA 01FF
Charles Backman 18th SOS Pilot 99NI
Dennis Backus 18th SOS Maint ID 02MO
Franklin Baehre 18th SOS Pilot NY 18A
Jon Bailey 17th SOS Maint AZ 02MO
Milton Baird 18th SOS Gunner Empty 99NI
James Baker 17th SOS Nav PA 17A
Jeffrey Baker 18th SOS Pilot ID 18A
William Baker 71st SOS Nav Empty 99NI
Ronald Baker 71st SOS Empty 99NI
Stanley Baker 18th SOS Gunner 99NI
Hermese Baldridge 18th SOS Maint Empty 99NI
Richard Baldwin 18th SOS Pilot AL 18A
Donald Balish 18th SOS Nav CO 01FF
Michael Baniky 18th SOS 99NI
Robert Banks 71st SOS IN 71AM
Elliott Bannon 17th SOS Maint FL 02MO
Larry Barbee 18th SOS Nav TX 18A
John Barber 18th SOS Empty Empty 99NI
Lawrence Barber 17th SOS Nav WA 17A
Allen Bare 18th SOS FE Empty 01FF

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