Alpha Roster

Alpha Roster

This is where anyone can view ALL the names we have of those who flew or supported AC-119s. Some names are missing and you can submit info on those, as well as on any who are on the ALPHA Roster, but without contact info.  For those, if you can send us their email, phone number, or address it can help us make contact with them.


You can use the Search box below and if they are in the “sort codes” where we have contact with them, you can use the message box to send them a message. NOTE: Your message will NOT go directly to them, but instead goes to their POC who reviews it and forwards it unless there’s a reason not to.  NOTE: The “Sort Codes” are at the end of the line for each person on the roster.


For any Questions: contact us using the contact form at the BOTTOM of this page.

We have contact information

The guys we have contact info on have the following sort codes: 71AM, 17A, 18A, 02MO.  The first three are Squadrons & the 02MO sort code includes all AC-119 Maintainers & other Support Personnel. You can send any of them a message “through” their POC (go to the President’s Page & use the Association Board, POC, & Committee Contact Info)

We have a name only, and no contact information

Our guys who we do NOT have contact information on have the following sort code: 99NI.

If you have information on any of these individuals, please send a note to Ron Julian using the contact form at the bottom of this page with their contact information: name, postal address, email address, phone.

Final Flight

The sort code O1FF contains names of our deceased, and we may or may not have contact information on family members. Information is shared only in very special circumstances.

Folks not yet on our Roster

If you know of an AC-119 Gunshipper who is not on the Alpha Roster, please contact Ron Julian with as much information as possible about the missing individual (Crew or Ground position, years in country, locations, anything helps).

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Total Records Found: 2082, showing 100 per page
First NameLast NameUnit 1PositionStateSort Code
Billy Wilkerson 18th SOS IO Empty 01FF
Donald Williams 18th SOS Pilot GA 18A
Gordon Williams 18th SOS Gunner FL 18A
Jerry Williams 17th SOS IO Empty 99NI
John Williams 17th SOS Nav UT 17A
Larry Williams 18th SOS Gunner Empty 99NI
Merle Williams 18th SOS Empty 99NI
Maurice Williams 18th SOS Maint Empty 99NI
Richard Williams 71st SOS Gunner FL 71AM
Scott Williams 18th SOS Pilot NE 18A
Elliott Williamson Jr 18th SOS FE FL 18A
Gary Willman 17th SOS Nav AZ 17A
Norman Wills Supt Empty 01FF
Burke Wilson 18th SOS Nav AL 01FF
Mac Wilson 17th SOS FL 17A
Ken Wilson 18th SOS IO NC 18A
Robert Wilson 71st SOS Maint Empty 99NI
Ronald Wilson 18th SOS Gunner MO 18A
Rudy Wilson 71st SOS Maint IN 01FF
Edward Wimberly 18th SOS Maint Empty 99NI
Ronald Windingstad 18th SOS Pilot MN 18A
John Windsor 17th SOS Pilot FL 17A
Paul Wing 71st SOS Gunner Empty 99NI
John Wink Empty Maint CA 02MO
Jeffery Winters 18th SOS Gunner WI 01FF
William Withuhn 71st SOS Nav CA 01FF
Dan Wittersheim 17th SOS IO MS 17A
Doug Wohlgamuth 18th SOS IO FL 18A
Robert Wojcik 71st SOS IO PA 71AM
Lee Wolf 18th SOS IO CA 18A
Ray Wolf 18th SOS Empty Empty 99NI
Raymond Wolf 18th SOS IO OK 18A
Jack Wolff 71st SOS Nav Empty 99NI
John Wolff 18th SOS Gunner IA 18A
Carl Wood Empty Maint OK 02MO
Jerome Wood 17th SOS FE FL 18A
Teddy Wood 18th SOS Nav KY 18A
Thomas Wood 71st SOS Nav TX 01FF
Harley Wood 17th SOS Pilot MI 17A
James Woodall 18th SOS Empty NV 18A
James Wooderson 17th SOS Empty Empty 99NI
Patrick Woodruff 18th SOS Maint CA 02MO
Ransom Woods 18th SOS Nav CO 18A
William Woolard 71st SOS Nav GA 71AM
James Worthy 18th SOS Gunner Empty 99NI
Donald Wright 18th SOS Maint Empty 99NI
Howard Wright 18th SOS Pilot OK 01FF
Michael Wright 17th SOS Supt Empty 99NI
Jesse Wright 18th SOS Gunner FL 01FF
John Wrinkle 18th SOS Gunner Empty 99NI
Hans-Georg Wurfel 18th SOS Gunner CA 18A
Donald Wyatt 71st SOS FE Empty 99NI
Ernest Wyatt 71st SOS Maint TN 71AM
Horace Wyatt 17th SOS FE Empty 17A
David Wyman 18th SOS Maint Empty 99NI
Robert Xanders 17th SOS IO Empty 01FF
Alex Yalch 18th SOS Gunner PA 18A
James Yanacsek 18th SOS FE NC 18A
Orlan York 17th SOS Gunner ME 17A
Douglas Young 17th SOS Maint Empty 99NI
Henry Young 71st SOS FE Empty 99NI
Jason Young 71st SOS FE CA 71AM
Joseph Young 18th SOS Maint MA 02MO
Merle Young 18th SOS Nav AR 01FF
Ronald Young 17th SOS Maint Empty 99NI
Norman Youngblood 17th SOS Maint FL 02MO
Milo Yowell 18th SOS Gunner OR 01FF
Robert Zaniewski 18th SOS Maint NV 02MO
John Zebley 17th SOS Maint FL 02MO
Burton Zeiler 18th SOS Pilot FL 01FF
Gary Zeiler 18th SOS Gunner PA 18A
Bill Zelinski 18th SOS Gunner Empty 99NI
Brian Zeller 18th SOS Gunner Empty 01FF
Frank Zemanick 18th SOS Gunner FL 01FF
Richard Zenoz 18th SOS Pilot FL 18A
Donald Zeorlin Empty Maint TX 01FF
David Zimmer 17th SOS Gunner Empty 99NI
Paul Zimminski 17th SOS IO Empty 99NI
Virgil Zins 71st SOS FE WA 01FF
William Zito 17th SOS Gunner CA 17A
Stephen Zolock 17th SOS Pilot VA 17A
Herbert Zumhingst 17th SOS Pilot Empty 01FF
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