AC 119 Air and Ground Crew – Our Stories

Stories from our own brothers

These are stories about ourselves, our crews, our missions, our fun time, and are as important in their own way as the historical “documents” we have!

  • Our original History Book and new history bios
  • Click here for Video Sessions completed at our annual reunions
  • Information about Video-Taped Sessions  (Note: This is video information ONLY; for actual videos, click the above link for available video sessions to view online, or visit the Quartermaster’s Corner to purchase available videos.)
  • Personal stories, including the “Reflight of the Hupe” and presentations made to outside groups
  • Personal Photos and scrapbooks
  • Poems
  • USAF VNAF Instructors and McBlan Lee VNAF AC-119 Stories

Reunion T-Shirts

We’re doing Reunion T-Shirts for Ft Walton Beach like we did last year! There are multiple colors in both short & long sleeve; shipped at no charge for your pickup upon arrival at the Reunion. If you want them sent to your home there is a shipping charge & you will get them around the end of April. If you have any questions click on the contact at REUNION T-SHIRT ORDER FORM